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Giving Thanks

It was a grand Thanksgiving feast for Harboursiders and their families! Everyone had contributed in some way to the success of this event and many brought contributions for the Sooke Food Bank. Special and traditional foods had been prepared ahead of time, the huge turkey had been roasting in the oven all day and the tables were set out in an open square and decorated with sprigs of rhodochiton from Ann's deck. Everyone served themselves generously and still there was enough food left over for Ellen to make up several "care packages" for people to take home.

This is an idea that Marisa has suggested we build on. When we have leftovers at our potluck events in the future, we should make up food containers to be labeled and stored in the freezer as a source of extra meals for anyone who  might need them.  (Arlene) 
Pam and Dan from Sea to Sea

They packed up Pam's things in Ottawa. They packed up Dan's things in Nova Scotia. Then they began their epic journey across the country with trailer in tow. They left the Atlantic coast, pushed westward up the St. Lawrence, around the Great Lakes, through the forests of Northern Ontario, like voyageurs of old. Across vast prairie lands, through mountain passes, by road and by ferry, until they reached their new home in Sooke. A mari usque ad mare.

Welcome to Pam Fitzgerald and Dan Cotterell, Harbourside's newest residents, pictured above between Adrienne and Frank. (Bob)
5John, James, Jack, Joan, Jean, Jane, Ellen
Karla, Kaye, Kitty, and Dan, that makes eleven.
But now, lest we forget there’s
Margaret, Moki, Marg, Mark and Marisa
Ralph, Rene, Paul and Priska.
We also have Bob, Bev, Berken, Susan, Shirley, Lou
The tally’s now up to 24
Yet we still have plenty more!
There’s Doug, David, Donja and Dal
Nancy, Naomi, Gail, Glenna, Noelle
That’s quite the mix, but it’s 36
Hank and Frank, have also joined the ranks
As have Paivi and Phil, for whom we give thanks
The penultimate names are Arlene, Adrienne,
Alice and Ann begin with an A
Isn’t that enough one might say?
But 5 names remain, so let’s make a DIN
For Wynn, Warren, Pam, Pat and Evelyn!  (Kaye)
Frank (and Ellen and Warren) joined John recently on the Savoury and were lucky 
enough to see humpback whales frolicking around their sailboat. (Photos by Warren)
Jane shared her love of India

Our monthly Speaker's Series continued in October with Jane's wonderfully illustrated overview of India. She went to India for the first time at age 16 when her family was stationed there and she has returned many times since. We enjoyed a very personalized picture of life in India, focussing on the time she was there trying to find a suitable partnership for Thompson Rivers University for practicum students in social work.  

Jane's natural storytelling skills and impressive memory for names and places brought her experiences alive for us. At the end, she thanked us(!) for sending her back to these cherished memories. (Arlene)
Movies from around the World
As part of a Sooke Lifelong Learning initiative, a devoted group of viewers gathers for Movies from around the World every Tuesday afternoon in the Games Room. We can accommodate up to about 15 people and have had consistently good participation in the discussion following the film each week. This series included films from France, Italy, Hong Kong, Germany and the US.
We hope to announce a new series of Scandinavian Films for February and March. Stay tuned. (Arlene)
An Impressive Feat

As part of our efforts to control the erosion on the slope to the west of the orchard,
the Maintenance Team decided that a couple of large concrete blocks placed up on
the existing retaining wall would be a good \way of stopping any rocks rolling down
and damaging cars parked below. Dal suggested that Vic City Cranes could help execute this project using their hydraulic lift truck. Using this lift truck, Dal and Frank transported the two concrete blocks, weighing 4000 lbs.each, from Butler Brothers to Harbourside where blocks were carefully hoisted into place and heavy rebar rods were sledge-hammered into pre-drilled holes to hold the blocks in place. (Frank)
Unlikely spot for an art corner ~ ~ ~

Jean’s Pelican Mosaic mounted on the paint locker, Warren’s homemade stencilled fish on the Shop door, and Ralph’s yellow cedar louvres in Honduras mahogany frames on the toxic paint locker sparkle up that spot.
That’s what teamwork will get you. (Ralph)
Here's Rene on the Service Float under the Wharf, helping Ralph service the “weed log” and fix the outrigger on the Crab Float.
Here's Frank creating a channel alongside the driveway for the channel inserts behind him to help in directing the water run-off.
Landscape Work Bee
 It was a grand day’s work! Twenty-two able bodies spread out over the property on a beautiful sunny, fall day to replant beds, move plants and a small tree, create terraces, add compost and do trimming and weeding.
Four large pots of soup, homemade muffins and pear jam were set out by others to feed the hungry workers at noon. Donja was ringleader making sure that everyone had the help they needed to accomplish their goals for the day. We all headed home by 3 o’clock to reward our tired muscles with warm baths and showers. (Arlene)
Berken thought to capture a photo of this little Anna's hummingbird that recently visited her in her suite!
Hank and Wynn celebrate October birthdays with one of Shirley's fabulous cakes!
Excellent restoration work is currently underway on the Common House by Top Quality Coatings.
Has Andy Goldsworthy been to Sooke? Spotted outside the Anglican church on Murray Road. 
Call Rene: 250-642-0058
or email: 
Warren's photo of a belted kingfisher, spotted in the Broken Islands.
Susan's eye for good construction and a good price netted us this community picnic table for lot 4 next to her developing swale garden. 
Here's Frank holding up his "Bud for rebar" barter receipt!
Witty public art piece spotted in Estevan Village in Victoria. 
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