Changing Colours

Fall is the time for changing colours and Harbourside is right in step. Our September Council meeting approved the painting of our front doors, which are part of common property as defined by strata law. Almost immediately coloured doors began to appear around our site.

Jean is pictured above still in her paint smock after being one of the first to complete the job. Below is a sampling of our new colours. Now it is a race against the changing weather to see how many more doors can get painted before the weather becomes too cool and damp. 
Harvest Moon
A big old harvest moon rose recently over Sooke Harbour to remind us that it's harvest time at Harbourside. Soups and jams and chutneys are being made, tomatoes and squashes roasted and extra fruit and vegetables prepared for freezing.

Below is a picture of Ellen’s trunk loaded with produce from her Sun River garden and Susan with bowls and bags of pears that she and Jay picked on our adjacent property. Susan says this pear tree produced very little last year but with proper pruning and care it has yielded 40 lbs of fruit this year. Ellen and Warren and Mark and Priska harvested the pear tree from the front yard. 

Monday morning coffee klatchers were greeted with a stack of shell beans to be sorted and the Common House kitchen counter was covered in vegetables for sharing. Margaret's windowsill currently carries this colourful array of cherry tomatoes ripening from John's plot in our community garden.
Harboursiders engaging with Local Candidates 
Connecting with our Sooke Community (2nd in a series)

Believing, as she does, that being active in local politics is one of the most important things that you can do, Margaret has been deeply involved with both of Maja Tait's campaigns for Mayor. In 2014, Margaret was Volunteer Co-ordinator for Maya and campaigned door-to-door with her. She tells of the highlight of that campaign being the canvassing of the Kaltassin neighbourhood in the pouring rain, uncovering the diversity and complexity is of a neighbourhood she had not known well before. 

Margaret says that she has watched Maja since 2008 when she ran for Councillor and noticed how supportive and knowledgeable Maja is about cohousing. (The picture above shows Maja on the extreme right during the ground-breaking ceremony for Harbourside.) Margaret is working for her again in this campaign because she believes Maja has a terrific track record.

Two more Harboursiders, David and John have also been active in Maja's campaign. David said that he especially values her support in getting improved public transit service to the airport, an issue David feels very strongly about.  

Ann and Priska and Mark recently hosted an informal event at Harbourside  providing an opportunity for visitors to direct questions to Council candidates Tony St. Pierre and Phil Rossner. The evening proved to be an ideal forum for hearing these two candidates' views on civic issues. (Arlene)

Harboursiders Adventuring
Gail had perhaps the most exotic destination of all with her trip to Mongolia. Here she is holding aloft a golden eagle like the ones seen in the film “The Eagle Huntress”. She met the star of that film, Aisholpan, a 13-year-old girl who trained to become the first female in twelve generations of her Kazakh family to become an eagle hunter.


Ellen and Warren were away on Cortes Island and sent this picture of themselves and friends gathering clams on the beach. They always speak of the beauty of Cortes and seem to enjoy returning there often.
Moki and Bev have been travelling for several weeks in BC and Alberta. Here is a picture of them with their nephew Arlo. They are now in their beloved Beynon retreat and will return early in October.
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Future Garlic Bed
Ellen, Susan, Ken, David, Priska and Warren did the hard work preparing the fertile patch of soil below Bldg 1 for garlic planting.
A Whale of a Potato
Susan grew this monster potato in her Sun River garden.
The Apple Pie Gang
Five hard workers gathered in the Great Hall kitchen recently to make apple pies for our winter potluck dinners. Ken expertly wielded the apple peeler at the front of the line and Shirley put the final touches on each pie at the end of the line. In between, Glenna (not pictured), Jean and Wynn each did their part in this efficient pie-making assembly line. 
Glenna's great picture of our September birthday celebrants, Priska, Bob I, and Frank in front of their birthday cake which doesn't contain nearly enough candles!
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