A Farewell Tribute

From 1990 to 2011 Chris Broadbent captured nature’s splendour, always with the intention of inviting viewers to enter into his landscapes. All of his remaining works inherited by wife Karla Wagner are available for viewing in the Harbourside Common House through September 30th. An invitational Art Show, hosted by Karla with support from numerous Harboursiders, attracted many residents and guests. Paintings were admired and sold, while Karla talked with us about Chris’s life and art. She told this writer that the couple’s art business was a joint affair – he supplied the ideas and the artworks while she did the administrative tasks; it took both of them to transport and hang his large works!  As Karla moves away from our space but not from our hearts, we wish her joy.  (Jane)

The Good Car “Vibe” goes on a trans-Canada sightseeing Trip
Adrienne and Frank’s 2003 Pontiac Vibe recently took a scenic ride across majestic Canada.

On Friday, July 28, Livingston Car Transport sent a tow truck to pick up the car at our Ottawa home and deliver it to a yard to await a car transport truck. This truck in turn dropped off the Vibe at the Montreal CN Rail Autoport holding yard to await a car transport train.

After experiencing a bit of delay (which one perhaps can attribute to the “joie de vivre” attitude of that fair city on the St. Lawrence), the car was loaded on a rail car to start its slow but scenic journey. Along the way it saw shunting locomotives move it around the Toronto rail yards to await yet another suitable westward freight train.

After leaving “The Big Smoke”, the Vibe rumbled through the rugged terrain north of the Great Lakes, through Winnipeg to the open vistas of the prairies around Saskatoon, the foothills of Edmonton and the majestic passes of the Rockies to finally arrive at the CN rail yards of Vancouver.

Here the process was reversed as the cars on the train were transferred to another car carrier which delivered them to a parking lot. A tow truck then took the Vibe to the Vancouver docks where it was loaded onto a barge. A tugboat pulled that barge across the scenic Georgia Strait to the Victoria docks where the Vibe spent a few enjoyable days watching the little ferry boats ply their harbour routes from a dockside lot.

Finally, on August 22, a local tow truck company picked up the car to pull it to its new “Harbourside” home.The good car “Vibe” was covered in inter-provincial dirt, dust and grime after its long trans-continental saga and was rewarded with a trip to the Sooke Car Wash, content in the knowledge that its owners had spent more on transporting it to Vancouver Island than its Red Book value. (Frank)
Meet Zeke and Chester! (oh....and that's Marisa and Hank with them.)
Captain Ralph in full sail with a multi-media presentation of his rebel life in radio broadcasting. (photo by Silver Quill Creative/Adam Love)

Celebrating Birthdays Deliciously

September honourees Frank Antonsen and Priska Stabel blow out the candles at Harbourside's monthly celebration of residents' birthdays. It's become a tradition now, for a "Meal and Movie" evening to celebrate the occasion.

As Priska summed it up: "A big thank and much appreciation for an enjoyable evening and a perfect September birthday feast -- with delicious cake to boot. Jean and Wynn -- and others -- thank you for the care you bring to Meal and Movie nights. It shows, and it brings out those warm and fuzzy feelings. Can't have too many of those."  

Update from Warren and Ellen

By the time you read this, Ellen and Warren will be back from their month on Cortes Island. Ellen recently wrote of spending “a lovely Saturday cycling to the beach, swimming and generally lounging in the sun and water” and says that Cortes is “quiet and gorgeous and very very peaceful.” Warren found lots of time for his art and has been practising using acrylic paints as you will see in the lower left image above. 
New Patchwork Window Curtains

It all started – wouldn’t you know – with an inspiration Ann had to cover the two small clerestory windows in the CH Great Room with a curtain to help block the winter sun. She introduced me to a type of Korean patchwork hanging called Jogakbo. Using some beautiful images from online, I then composed a pattern for our windows that Ann expertly sewed up from pieces of linen she had stowed away in that Cabinet of Curiosities she calls home. Frank hung them for us last week and Margaret said they reminded her of sails. Perfect! (Arlene)
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Doug supervising compost turning with the help of Juno.
Have you noticed the snowberries intermingled with rosehips peeking over the fence from lot 4 next-door?
Ann and Susan saw that we needed to relocate and label all our leftover paint cans. They are now stored in the furnace room.
You have to look closely to see all the seals lazing on our neighbour's dock. Glenna counted 13!
Elevator repairman replacing a piston. It finally works!
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Donja's way of saying thank you!
Missed Photo Op: Marisa sitting on the floor in front of her dryer with all the door parts laid out in front of her as she figured out how to switch the way her dryer door opens!
You also have to look closely to see the hand-painted butterfly on Donja's toenail!
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