Solstice Party in our new Garden and Gathering Place
June/July birthday celebrants getting ready to blow out candles on the two chocolate birthday cakes....but alas the wind beat them to it!  (photo by Bob S)
A Grand Gathering Place
The combined Solstice Party and June/July Birthday Party held to initiate our new Garden and Gathering Place here at Harbourside was a huge success.

Hank and Frank and Warren delivered the tables and chairs, Moki and Bev and Wynn delivered the dishes, cutlery and tablecloths, Glenna and Arlene organized the setup, Berken researched the salmon prices, made chocolate dipped strawberries and brought a bowl of gorgeous roses.

Everyone brought food and drinks to accompany the barbecued salmon (cooked by Ellen and Berken), salad and birthday cakes (baked from scratch by Shirley). And to everyone’s surprise, Susan showed up 3 days after her hip replacement surgery! It was a grand affirmation of our community spirit and new gathering place!  (Arlene)
Berken's beautiful rose bush below Building One.
Wildflower meadow between Buildings Four and Five.
"Is Cohousing for you?" 

July 7 and 8 in Sooke. Here is the Eventbrite link:

An information session for Ravens Crossing Cohousing will be offered during lunch hour on July 7. Please email to register.

An information session for West Wind Harbour Cohousing and BBQ supper will be held on Saturday evening, July 7th. Here is the link to register for that:
Rhodendron and Calendula blooming behind Building One.
Lovely stand of Siberian Iris behind Building Six.

Interested in living at Harbourside?
We currently have 2 units for sale 
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What are the chances…?
Chapter 1: So Berken, Margaret and Kaye went for a long walk at low tide along the beach to Whiffen Spit and back one day. By the time they got back home to Harbourside, Berken was upset to realize that she had lost her keys somewhere along that stretch of beach.
Chapter 2: A few days later Ann and Priska were out walking with Juno and Tuka along that same stretch of beach. Ann noticed some keys lying in the sand. She picked them up and was about to hang them on a nearby tree branch. Looking at the key-ring, reading the letters, thinking this might be an acronym, Priska asked: Does AMRUM mean anything to you?
And then from the far recesses of long lost geography classes in German high school floated the shadow of an island in the North would they?....could they?....belong to Berken?? Isn't she from Ostfriesland, some island in the North Sea? They compared them to the keys in Ann's pocket and the 'gold' key looked
Chapter 3: . A very happy ending as that key fob was indeed Berken's and was given to her by a childhood friend.   (Arlene and Priska)
1) Before...                            2) After.....                           3) The excuse....
(photos by Margaret and Frank)
Alice's blooming cactus.
Poppies and Veronica in bloom.
A Snake Story

But I bet I have some wildlife here you don't have.  I had a snake in my car yesterday.  I was driving with it for over an hour before it put in an appearance next to the driver's seat.  Geez, thank heavens the car was stopped when I spotted it.  It took off mighty quick and I was pretty sure it was a garter snake but still...

 I looked and looked for it but couldn't find it so I put on the car's air conditioning, directed the cold air toward me, and hoped the snake would avoid both the cold air and me.  Well I still couldn't drive.  I had visions of that thing touching my leg as I was driving.  So I pulled the car over again and tore it apart.  No snake. 

Finally, I put down the back seat and there it was, under the cushion.  Yeah, it was a garter snake but still I wasn't keen to pick it up so what to do?  Well there was a snow shovel so I opened up all the car doors, by this time the snake was on the back seat staring at me and sticking out its red forked tongue.  I used the shovel to gently nudge it out of the car.  The snake was fine, I was fine, and I drove away mighty quick.  So there's my excitement for the week!  (Pam in Ontario - from Bev)

Marisa and Berken making 47 salmon fish cakes with the salmon left over from the Solstice Picnic. Yum!
Ralph felled, sawed, chiseled, sanded, painted, and assembled three logs to form this impressive arched gate frame to his shop on Connie Road.
Our picnic table beside the swale garden was initiated this month with a Building 6 picnic to celebrate Susan's upcoming hip replacement and Arlene's 80th birthday. Missing from the photo are Warren and Bob (who took the photo).  
Doug's beautiful mead brews are fermenting in the lower CH kitchen. Oregon grape on the left, salmon berry in the middle and the basic lemon balm on the right, which will be used to top up the other two after the berries are removed.
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