Fuel-spill in Richland Creek
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Two diesel-spills in bodies of water.

Which one is Richland Creek?

The other is a strait of water between New Jersey and New York City (Arthur Kill) after a water surge from Superstorm Sandy caused a diesel fuel storage tank to lift and rupture, October 2012.
Answer at bottom.
The map reviews when and where we visited Richland Creek after a tanker truck overturned and exploded on Centennial Blvd on August 13. The red circle top-right is where the tanker went down with 8500 gallons of fuel aboard. Orange arrow from there is the general path the fuel-spill took in storm sewer to Richland Creek. Red line at Creek is where we walked downstream on August 14, and remaining circles indicate areas of two more field trips we took.
  • August 14—Walked from West Park downstream 1000 feet, seeing fuel flowing over and around booms; dead fish, crayfish and snakes; and fuel residue along stream bank.
  • August 16—Responded to inquiry from resident living on 23rd Street. Observed fuel flowing beyond booms, and strong diesel odor in-stream and neighborhood area.
  • August 20—Traveled by boat from the Cumberland RIver upstream into Richland Creek, and observed fuel swirling, on surface in vicintiy of red circle, about a mile downstream from fuel spill. Dissolved oxygen was recorded at 4 mg/L here, one milligram below the regulatory requirement for fish and aquatic life (5mg/L).


Photograph on left was of Richland Creek, cropped from one taken Aug 16.

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