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A Rapidly Changing Situation 
The new position for the quotas. (Click on image for excel file)

The situation is that the areas shaded in pink have fished their consumption quotas. The data is based on the best available information for this week.  With the fishing on hold for the moment the overall position is unlikely to change.
Note that there are two types of fishermen; Marine and River.  I have highlighted in bold red the fished consumption quotas. To put the whole situation in perspective the fishing opened on the Adour ADR on the Nov 1st and the quota was caught by the 12th November.  For the Charente “et al” GDC the fishing opened on the 15th November and was closed on 27th November.
The glass eel catches are exceptional this year.  Last year the quota in these areas was not complete until Mid-January.  The sudden increase is really good news for the recovery of the eel.  We have high expectations for the glass eel recruitment in the UK.
For the Loire LCV the fishing should start this week.  There remains more than 10 tonnes of quota for consumption in France and 25 tonnes for restocking.

The price paid to the fishermen for glass eels is historically at its highest point just before Christmas so it will be interesting to see where the price settles when the Spanish Christmas market is closed.


Peter Wood and UK Glass Eels