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June 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter! In this issue we spotlight one of our China tours, give updates on upcoming tours, provide links to recent trip reports, and list one upcoming event.


China: Sichuan and the Tibetan Plateau

Tropical Birding is already taking bookings for this classic China tour for 2017; if you only visit the vast land of China once, this is the tour to do. China is famed for dramatic landscapes, epitomized by the sweeping plains of the Tibetan Plateau, hemmed in on all sides by giant mountains that connect with the Himalayas. Alongside this scenery are a selection of stunning Asian birds: pheasants, parrotbills, laughingthrushes, rosefinches, and beautiful robins are particularly well represented on this tour. We target specialties like the mind-blowing Lady Amherst’s Pheasant and Temminck’s Tragopan, robins like the spectacular Firethroat, gorgeous White-tailed Rubythroat, and gaudy Golden Bush-Robin. Of special interest for family-chasers is Przevalski’s Rosefinch, also known as Przevalski’s “Pinktail”. The Tibetan Plateau also offers a glimpse into the lives of peaceful Tibetan Buddhist monks that roam the grasslands while herding their vast groups of Yaks. In between the herds are wetland areas that play host to that most regal of Chinese birds, the endangered Black-necked Crane.
The tour starts in the modern city of Chengdu, then visits Sichuan’s diverse subtropical forests, before moving up to the dramatic (and often snow-covered), 14,700ft-high Balang Shan pass, the home of the hardy Tibetan Snowcock and deep blue Grandala. Moving to the Tibetan Plateau, open grasslands and wetlands dominate the landscapes, where lurid Citrine Wagtails sing from the edges of the marshes. Spruce-covered slopes at the edge of the plateau offer standouts like Blue Eared-Pheasant and Crested Tit-Warbler. It is no exaggeration to say that this tour offers up some of the most sought-after and highly rated bird species in all of Asia. Any birder with a fascination for China, and spectacular Asian birds in particular, simply has to have this tour in their travel plans!

Next tour dates: June 1-17,  2017
Guided by Sam Woods

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Ecuador Photo Journey 9-18 July 2016

All of these tours are confirmed and still have space available at time of writing. 

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Brazil: The Atlantic Forest Introtour 10-17 July 2016
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South Africa: Fairest Cape to Kruger 9-25 September 2016
Northwest Ecuador: In Search of Choco Endemics 26 Sept-9 Oct 2016
Southeast Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest and Savanna (Main tour) 20 Oct-8 Nov 2016
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Oaxaca: Legendary Birds and Temples 15-26 March 2017
Kazakhstan: Birding the Silk Road 5-17 June 2017
Mongolia: The Great Asian Wilderness 26 June - 3 July 2017
Lowland Jungles of Borneo: Broadbills and Bristleheads 1-11 July 2017

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Ecuador Photo Journey 9-18 July 2016
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Ecuador: The Andes Introtour 18-25 February 2017
The Philippines: Endangered Endemics 27 February - 15 March 2017

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Ecuador Photo Journey 29 Nov-8 Dec 2016
Ecuador Photo Journey 14-23 January 2017
Costa Rica Photo Journey 18 Feb-1 Mar 2017

These are just some of the tours we offer; for the complete tour schedule, please see our website at Also don't forget that we run dozens of customized private tours every year to these and many other destinations; a custom tour can be an attractive option for groups that enjoy traveling together, for those who want to get off the beaten track, or for people whose work schedules make joining a set-departure tour difficult.


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Madagascar: The Eighth Continent 28 November - 14 December 2016 (additional departure added since the first one filled up)
The Philippines: Endangered Endemics 27 February - 15 March 2017
Mongolia: The Great Asian Wilderness 26 June - 3 July 2017
Brazil: The Pantanal and Amazon 26 August - 9 September 2017
Brazil: The Atlantic Forest Introtour 10-17 September 2017
Australia’s Top End: Victoria River to Kakadu 14-22 October 2017
Eastern Australia: From Top to Bottom 23 Oct - 11 Nov 2017
Madagascar: The Eighth Continent 25 Nov - 9 Dec 2017
Northern India: Himalayas, Tigers, and the Taj Majal 25 Nov - 9 Dec 2017
Japan in Spring 10-22 May 2018

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Alaska Photo Journey 9-20 June 2017
Australia Photo Journey 21 August - 5 September 2017
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