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April 2016

On April 16th at 6:58 pm local time, a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the northwest coast of Ecuador. Many of Tropical Birding's guides and staff are based in Ecuador, and fortunately all of us came through it OK, and those with relatives near the earthquake report that they are unhurt as well. We had two tours groups at Tandayapa and they are also fine (and the lodge undamaged), being far enough from the epicenter to avoid significant damage. Tragically, towns near the epicenter have been devastated with significant loss of life and major damage, from which it will take years to recover. Ecuadorians are generous people, and the outpouring of support has been significant. Tropical Birding is also donating $1000 to the relief effort. If you wish to donate, this webpage lists some ways foreigners can help. We do not expect the earthquake to affect our most popular Ecuador tours, but feel free to check with us before booking if you are concerned.

Spring migration is in full swing! Several of our guides are now in High Island, Texas until the end of the month - check out their bird reports here. Soon they will be moving on to other events in the US. Please see the list at the end of this newsletter for more details.

Recently posted trip reports include successful tours to Spain, Morocco, and Costa Rica.

If you are looking for a tour to join, the latest special offers, trip reports, or where to meet some of the TB team soon, all the details can be found below...

We are offering a limited-time 10% discount on the following tours

Birding tours:
Kenya: The Coolest Trip in Africa 12-28 May 2016 (promotion ends 27 April)
Costa Rica: The Introtour 21-31 July 2016 (promotion ends 28 April)

Photo tours:
Brazil Photo Journey 28 August - 7 September 2016

Due to this year's Rio Olympics, there will be a temporary visa waiver, making it easier for North Americans and Australians to visit. This applies even for tourists not going to the Olympics, so will cover all of the Tropical Birding 2016 Brazil tours between June and September.

All these tours are confirmed and still have space available at time of writing. 

Birding tours:
USA - Magee Marsh, Kirtland’s Warbler & Michigan 9-15 May 2016 (must be booked by 28 April)
Scotland (4-10 June) and Ireland (10-14 June) 
Ecuador: The Andes Introtour 18-25 June 2016
Brazil: The Atlantic Forest Introtour 10-17 July 2016 (bookings must be made soon)
Brazil: The Pantanal and Amazon 18 Jul - 1 Aug 2016 (bookings must be made soon)
Costa Rica: The Introtour 21-31 July 2016
Ecuador: The Andes Introtour 6-13 August 2016
South Africa: Fairest Cape to Kruger 9-25 September 2016
Northwest Ecuador: In Search of Choco Endemics 26 September - 9 October 2016
Southeast Brazil: Atlantic Rainforest and Savanna 20 October - 8 November 2016
Eastern Ecuador: High Andes to Vast Amazon 29 October - 12 November 2016
Madagascar: The Eighth Continent 28 Nov - 14 Dec 2016
South Georgia: The Jewel of the South Atlantic 28 January - 11 February
Kazakhstan: Birding the Silk Road 5-17 June 2017
Mongolia: The Great Asian Wilderness 26 June - 3 July 2017

Photo tours:
Ecuador Photo Journey 9-18 July 2016

Birding tours:
Kenya: The Coolest Trip in Africa 12-28 May 2016 (1 more needed by 27 April)
Ecuador: The Andes Introtour 23-30 October 2016 (2 more needed)
Ecuador: The Andes Introtour 10-17 December 2016 (2 more needed)

Photo tours:
Brazil Photo Journey 28 Aug - 7 Sept 2016 (1 more booking needed soon)
Ethiopia Photo Journey 9-22 October 2016 (2 more needed)
Ecuador Photo Journey 29 Nov - 8 Dec 2016 (2 more needed)
Ecuador Photo Journey 14-23 January 2017 (2 more needed)
Costa Rica Photo Journey 18 Feb - 1 Mar 2017 (2 more needed)

These are just some of the tours we offer; for the complete tour schedule, please see our website at Also don't forget that we run dozens of customized private tours every year to these and many other destinations; a custom tour can be an attractive option for groups that enjoy traveling together, for those who want to get off the beaten track, or for people whose work schedules make joining a set-departure tour difficult.


Madagascar: The Eighth Continent 28 November - 14 December 2016
Northern Colombia The Santa Marta Mountains & The Caribbean 11-19 Feb 2017
The Philippines: Endangered Endemics 27 February - 15 March 2017
Jamaica: The Caribbean Introtour 18-24 March 2017
Thailand: Mystical Asia 3-19 March 2017
Marvelous Morocco: North Africa in a Nutshell 18 - 26 March 2017
Southern Spain: The Europe Introtour 26 March - 3 April 2017
Tanzania: Birding Among the Beasts 1-13 April 2017
Northern Spain: The Pyrenees, Belchite Steppes and Ebro Delta 3 - 9 April 2017
Colorado: Chasing Chickens from Prairie to Mountaintop 15 - 23 April 2017
Taiwan: Formosan Endemics 16-29 April 2017
Alaska Photo Journey 9-20 June 2017
Mongolia: The Great Asian Wilderness 26 June - 3 July 2017

For more trip reports, click here.
Southern Spain: The Europe Introtour March 2016
Morocco: North Africa in a Nutshell March 2016
Costa Rica: The Introtour February 2016
Costa Rica (custom tour) March 2016

Catch up with the Tropical Birding guides and staff at the following events. 

Florida's Birding and Photofest - 27 April-1 May 2016. Pablo Cervantes and Nick Athanas will be giving presentations; and come meet Desiree D'Sylva on the TB stand.
Use our promo code for a free registration at Florida's Birding and Photofest!
Visit to view the events available for the 2016 Florida's Birding and Photo Fest. At the bottom of the EventBrite page, click on Promotional Code and enter the TBTFREE code, click Apply. At the top of the EventBrite page, select (1) next to the Registration (discounted 100%) listing, then find and select any other photo seminars you'd like to attend and check out.

Spring migration in High Island, Texas - 1 April-1 May 2016. Tropical Birding will once again team up with Houston Audubon to offer guided walks in their sanctuaries.
Whitefish Point Spring Fling 2016, Michigan - 30 April-1 May 2016. Sam Woods, Keith Barnes, Iain Campbell, and Wesley Homoya will all be attending; TB guide Cameron Cox is giving the keynote. We'll be giving other presentations and also leading walks on site.
Indiana Dunes Birding Festival - 5-8 May 2016. Tropical Birding guide and owner, Iain Campbell will be giving the keynote "The Misadventures of Bird Guides". Other TB guides will also be attending and leading walks, such as Wesley Homoya, Andres Vasquez, and Sam Woods.
Festival of Birds Point Pelee National Park, Ontario - 5-12 May 2016. Keith Barnes, Cameron Cox and Scott Watson will be leading walks.
Tawas Point Birding Birding Festival, Michigan - 19-22 May 2016. Walks and talks will be given by TB guides; Iain Campbell, Jose Illanes, Sam Woods, and Andres Vasquez will be there.
British Birdfair, Rutland, UK - 19-21 August 2016. Come meet the Desiree D'Sylva and Sam Woods on our usual stand, at the largest bird festival in the world.

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