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Start-ups: Get a Patentability Opinion to Raise Money

by Stephen B. Schott

Once you have that positive patentability opinion, you can use it as a fund-raising mechanism and here’s why.
  1. The patentability opinion shows that you have a new idea. One of the concerns that your potential investors may have is that your idea has been done before. They hear you saying it’s new, but there’s that lingering doubt. Didn’t Microsoft already solve this problem? Are you really sure that Sony doesn't already make one of those? A positive patentability opinion soothes those concerns.
  2. The patentability opinion shows that you can create an asset before you actually create it. Patents create value in your business. Whether you want to build the next Apple or Facebook, or are hoping to just create a small business that might be acquired later, a patent is the coin of the realm. The businesses that you compete with may steal all of your ideas unless...

The Ten Most Important Patent Cases

What are the 10 most important patent cases? University of Iowa professor Jason Rantanen of Patently-O answered this question with his list of the top 10 patent cases. My Christmas gift to you: A short summary of each case.


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