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Welcome to the newest issue of GdB Newsletter. We hope you had a wonderful summer and that you'll enjoy the reading. If you have any suggestions for future topic, project or event you think we should know about, we encourage you to get in touch with us. 

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JUST ANNOUNCED: Juncker names Phil Hogan as new Ag Commissioner

Earlier today the president-elect of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, presented his list of 27 candidates for the new Commission’s mandate. As was already rumoured for some days, Irishman Phil Hogan is named to replace Dacian Ciolos as Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. 
Phil Hogan (54) of the centre-right Fine Gael party and until July this year Irish Minister of Environment, Community and Local Government, is not uncontroversial in his home country. It is also expected that he will be less sensitive to calls to take further steps on the path of greening agricultural policy, as his predecessor, Dacian Ciolos set out to do and which the Groupe de Bruges sees as necessary to bring European agriculture more in line with the needs of the environment and the wishes of society. In the coming weeks all candidates will be questioned by the European Parliament.
'Can EU CAP it?’ Project

Project preparations are in full speed. We are glad to announce that the official project launch will be on 27th November, 2014 in Amsterdam at De Rode Hoed debate centre. The launch will be done during a public debate on the future of farming by Dutch minister for Agriculture, Miss Sharon Dijksma.
One of our members Franco Sotte was able to introduce the project at the annual EAAE Congress in Slovenia. So far, the project has been valued as a great initiative by words of the participants. One of the module teachers quoted the e-learning project as a best practice to be repeated in other countries in Europe. If you would like to see the conference materials, they can be downloaded from our website. 
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Beyond the Farm Bill

In our April issue we reported about a ‘Farm Bill’ conference that took place last March in Minneapolis. Around 100 representatives of green NGO’s and civil society organisations gathered to discuss a common strategy “Beyond the Farm Bill”. On behalf of ARC2020, Groupe de Bruges Board member Samuel Ferèt was invited to present the ARC2020 experience and strategy in the CAP negotiations process of the last three years. The report of the conference is now available.
EU agriculture will not gain from TTIP
A recent study commissioned by the European Parliament reveals that European agriculture has little to expect from a TTIP agreement with the U.S.: “The EU agricultural sector can expect only very limited gains from tariff cuts unless regulatory and administrative barriers are also addressed. Agricultural value added is affected very little, despite large increases in bilateral trade. It is predicted to fall by 0.5 % in the EU and to rise by 0.4 % in the US. The larger EU Member States see losses close to the EU average, while the Baltic countries are forecast to register the largest losses”. With possibly the exception of the dairy sector, all other sectors will face increased competition. The study furthermore warns for what it calls ‘a downward harmonization” in food safety regulation.
- In Other News -

New book on “Territorial Cohesion in Rural Europe: The Relational Turn in Rural Development” was released. Anna Augustyn, a GdB member and also a book contributor (see chapter 11) provided us with following review: "The following book takes a refreshing look at rural development and rural policies by situating them in relational frameworks. They are no longer viewed as individual playgrounds, but rather ...." Read more here .... 
The Eating City summer campus was organised for the second time from August 12-19 at La Bergerie de Villarceau, France. Groupe de Bruges member Boris Boincean was one of the speakers: “the summer campus for me was a real experience. 
Young people from different countries, of different professional backgrounds, different cultures, languages and religions came together to discuss acute problems regarding the whole food supply chain, from producers to consumers, city food policy etc.”  Read more ….
- Members Corner - 

According to one of our members, Nat Page, recent Rural Development Programme proposals in Romania, for
landscape-scale implementation of a protection measure for a single-species (Corncrake, Crex crex), have highlighted a very interesting theme. How best to balance the ideal conservation management of one protected wild species, with the interests of local farming and of other wild species?
See this link for a concrete example.
We encourage other members to let us know what the highlights are in the new Rural Development programmes in their member states.
- Upcoming Events

Rural Development Programmes in Action post 2014: how can contribute to a healthier environment?
15 September, Brussels

International Symposium on Agroecology for Food
Security and Nutrition
18-19 September, Rome

Public debate on Agro-ecology: A Solution to the Food Crisis
19 September, Amsterdam

European Rural Sustainability Gathering
18 to 21 September, France

European Foundations for Family Farming: Building Inclusive Partnerships
28 October 2014 from 9:00 to 17:30, Brussels 

Civic dialogue workshop - continuing our work on the topic we will hold a workshop. Mark 12-14 December 2014 (Brussels), more information will be available after the ERSG in Beaufortain where important elements for the workshop will be collected.
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'Can EU CAP it?' Project launch in 27 November 2014, Amsterdam.
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