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Dear Friends, 

We are bringing you the first 2016 edition of our Newsletter. We hope to inform you about events, recommend some new publications on both European affairs and the CAP, and introduce our latest member. 

- GdB Team -
"CAP, What's cooking?': Project so far
Over the past few months, Groupe de Bruges has been intensively working together with Slow Food Youth Network on delivery of our latest project called 'CAP: What's cooking?'. This project aims to communicate the reformed CAP to the general public and offers several exciting opportunities for involvement. Within the next few months, we aim to develop a unique CAP Cook Book and run six local events in Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and UK-Scotland.  

Up until now, we have: 
  • Launched our first farmer's video portrait. Meet Jaring Brunia, a young Dutch dairy farmer! Six other profiles are to follow in the coming months.
  • Published beautifully designed pre-view of our CAP Cook Book (click here to view it!)
  • Announced dates of all local events
There are many ways in which you can still get involved into the project! If you are based in one of the seven European countries, get in touch with the local coordinators to become a speaker, offer your expertise or suggest someone you think would like to be part of this delicious movement.

For more information please go to website or contact
In this issue
'Can EU CAP it?' Project webinars: All recordings now available
During the last year, we hosted a series of webinars via the 'Can EU CAP it?' Platform. Some of our GdB members provided interesting insights on several topics. You can now watch the past recordings:
- In other news
- Meet the members
In this issue, we introduce our latest member Luca Bellomo. If you would like to become a member, please send your request through our website
Meet Luca, an Italian agronomist graduated with a Master of Science in Nutrition and Animal Resources from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Udine (Italy). He recently completed a one-year traineeship as scientific assistant at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). He is currently a student of the College of Europe (Bruges) where he is carrying out a one-year course in European Political and Administrative Studies. He also collaborates with the Italian association "Il Caffè Geopolitico" for which he writes articles deepening issues related with food safety and food security, agro-food systems, agriculture, rural development and EU institutions. For his complete CV, you can have a look at his profile on LinkedIn.
Special 'Thank you' note to Bart Soldaat 
Bart, who most of you know as the dedicated GdB Secretary has now stepped down.

"On behalf of all the board's members, I would like to pay tribute to the invaluable work done by Bart Soldaat, our general secretary. For eleven years, Bart worked to the destiny of the Groupe de Bruges, which would not be what it has become without his faithful and strong involvement at every moment. I express here my sincere gratitude to him and wish him success in his new projects."
Samuel Féret, GdB President
- Upcoming events
European Conference ‘Unlocking the Potential of the RDPs’
1 February 2016 – Belgium

Designing the path: a strategic approach to EU agricultural research and innovation
26-28 February 2016 - Belgium

Save the date! Free local event in Germany within the 'CAP, What's cooking?' Project
19 March 2016, Germany

Sustainable Forest Management Workshop
17-20 March, 2016, UK

Save the date! Free local event in the Netherlands within the 'CAP, What's cooking?' Project
2 April 2016, The Netherlands

Save the date! Free local event in Bulgaria within the 'CAP, What's cooking?' Project
2-3 April 2016, The Netherlands

10th European Organic Congress
4-6 April, 2016, The Netherlands

Save the date! Free local event in Denmark within the 'CAP, What's cooking?' Project
9 April 2016, Denmark

Save the date! Free local event in Scotland within the 'CAP, What's cooking?' Project
9 April 2016, Scotland

Save the date! Free local event in Poland within the 'CAP, What's cooking?' Project
9 April 2016, Poland

Save the date! Closing event for 'CAP, What's cooking?' Project
13 April 2016, The Netherlands

Advanced course on agri-environmental and development indicators as tools for sustainable rural management
16-20 May, 2016, Spain
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