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Dear Friends, 

Spring is in our steps and in this issue, we will inform you about some of our activities, our events and recommend some new publications on both European affairs and the CAP. 

- GdB Team -
Special Announcement
"At our recent board meeting we took a few minutes to talk about events in Brussels and how close it was to those we deal with on a daily basis. We thought of those we liaise on a regular basis in the Parliament and the Commission and how often we had passed through the airport of travelled on the same metro. Our organisation began its life in Belgium and therefore we are concerned when there is a threat to that country and its people, which like the pebble thrown into water ripples out to all of us . As an organisation which promotes cooperation and working together, the events of last week run counter to all we work for and believe in. It is important that events like this do not de stabilise us, but make us reflect on how remaining united against such threats through close cooperation between is the only way to defeat terrorism.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected, and all the people of Belgium."

Words by John Brennan on behalf of Groupe de Bruges
In this issue
- CAP Cook Book: preview & pre-order
Our unique CAP Cook Book is now finalised and will be printed very soon!  We will also soon be sending out first orders to our customers. 

This book is an original mix of recipes from chefs, young farmers, experts. It offers an overview of the last CAP reform and its implementation in some Member States. An indispensable tool for the debate on the next CAP. 

A beautifully designed pre-view of our CAP Cook Book is available for free read on our website.

Click here for the book pre-view and pre-order. 
- Other news
- Meet the members - 
In this issue, we introduce our newest member Jacques Loyat (France). To this date, we have 52 members covering 21 European countries. If you would like to become a member, please send your request through our website

Jacques is an agro-economist. He has a career of teaching, research and development, he is an expert on agricultural policy and land issue. Jacques has been in charge of analysing and monitoring agricultural policies in the French public administration, he is also a co-author of the international expertise IAASTD (International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development). He is also an associate researcher at CIRAD. Originally, he was involved in projects observations of agricultural practices on the territories and OAM (observatory of the world's agricultures), project currently carried out by the FAO (WAW - World Agriculture Watch). He is also a member of many bodies: Board of Directors of AVSF (Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders), RURALTER, Skills Committee (emanation AVSF). He is also a member of AGTER (Association for the Improvement of Governance of Land, Water and Natural Resources): monitoring the land issue in FMAT (World Forum for access to land) and of the Agricultural Policy Committee of ATTAC -France: a reflection on the earth as common good and scarce resource income-generating, under the growing influence of finance.
- Upcoming events
A sustainable European Agriculture: Is Greening the Way Forward?
5 April, 2016, Brussels.
EUSTAFOR: Managing European Forests Responsibly - for People, Climate and Nature
5-7 April 2016,  Brussels, Belgium        
Global Feed & Food Congress
18-20 April 2016 Antalya, Turkey
Conference: For a Rural Agenda in the Programming Period post 2020
19 April 2016 Brussels, Belgium
Environmentally Smart Agriculture
19-21 April, Tartu, Estonia

10th European Organic Congress
4-6 April, The Netherlands

Informal Meeting of the Directors of Rural Development
April 20-22, The Netherlands

Advanced course on agri-environmental and development indicators as tools for sustainable rural management
16-20 May, Spain

The Agri-Food Value Chain: Challenges for Natural Resources Management and Society
19-20 May, Slovakia. Apply by 1st of April.

18th Congress of Food Science and Technology 
21-25 August, Ireland. Includes attractive competition and prizes

Preliminary announcement: 14th European Rural Development Network Conference
October 2016, Budapest

Envisioning the Future of Food Across North-South Divides: Transregional Food Networks and Movements
1-3 December, Germany
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