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We are bringing you the November edition of our Newsletter. We will cover Territorial Cooperation, calls for contribution, CAP news, announce new CAP webinars on the EIP-Agri Service Point and on Soils management, and provide many guest article contributions by our members and more. 

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"CAP Cook Book" in the making: pre-ordering launched
This one-of-a-kind CAP Cook Book offers a unique perspective about the CAP. Practical information on the CAP, written in an easy to understand way, is combined with real recipes of Slow Food chefs and portraits of (young) farmers from across Europe explaining how they implement the CAP to make agriculture both more sustainable and more competitive. We also feature interviews, short essays of experts and stakeholders, giving their views on the new CAP and its implementation.

A first preview of the beautifully designed CAP Cook Book was shown last month during the Project's launch (as informed here) to highlight an example of the farm of Dutch dairy farmer Jaring Brunia, CAP information made easy to understand and a beautifully designed recipe for Creamy risotto by Dutch chef Naresh Ramdjas. 
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In this issue
Free webinar on EIP: achieving more with less through innovation ( and On the importance of good soil management (LINK: Please share with your networks!
Territorial Cooperation – Steering group update 
In mid-2014 Groupe de Bruges established a European network for pushing ahead the Territorial Cooperation for the provision of public goods concept more widely in Europe. The network is headed by a Steering Group which is being supported by staff of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. After the launch of the network last December the Steering Group has been working on a comprehensive programme that includes a platform for the exchange of best practices, building the network, stakeholder communication and research. A 2-page summary of the concept can be downloaded here.

The concept of territorial cooperation has recently also been embraced by the European Commission. In his document on simplification of the CAP, that was discussed during the last Council meeting Commissioner Phil Hogan states: “I am also introducing management rules for a system of collective claims under the second pillar, specifically in relation to agri-environmental and climate measures. This should be combined with a system of real-time notification of activities leading towards a more result oriented agri-environmental and climate measure. It will allow farmers to come together to deliver public goods more effectively and efficiently than they otherwise could by acting alone. This is in the interests of the farmers themselves, and of course, in the interests of our environment and climate as a whole.
Steering Group and Groupe de Bruges Board member, John Brennan, has welcomed this: "This is encouraging and recognises the work we have carried out to date."
The steering group remains open to interested members. If interested, please contact: Remco Schreuder,
'Can EU CAP it?' Project webinars
From a new free series of monthly 30 minute webinars with live Q&A’s with the presenters for the users of the 'Can EU CAP it?' Platform we are happy to announce the next two topics.

The next webinars will be held on:
  • Thursday, November 26 from 12h30 to 13h00 CET with the topic of: European Innovation Partnership: Achieving more with less through innovation, presented by Frank Stubbe of the EIP Service Point. Registration and more info via this link: 
  • Last webinar for this year is held on Wednesday, December 16 from 12h30 to 13h00 CET with the topic of: On the importance of good soil management and the role of European policy by Boris BoinceanRegistration and more info via this link:
Watch the past recordings on:
- In other news
- Meet the members
In this issue, we introduce our newest member Anne Doorn (The Netherlands). Sophie Thoyer (France) will be introduced in our next issue. To this date, we have 51members covering 21 European countries. If you would like to become a member, please send your request through our website
As a specialist on agri-environmental issues, Anne van Doorn has contributed to the debate on the greening of the CAP in the Netherlands through several reports and articles. She is specialized in land use dynamics, agri-environmental issues and land policies in different types of agricultural systems, from Mediterranean agro-silvo pastoral systems to the intensive agriculture in the Netherlands. Currently Anne van Doorn works as researcher and project leader at Alterra, Wageningen UR, on projects concerning rural dynamics and agri-environmental policies. Her work focuses on EU agricultural and environmental policies (Common Agricultural Policy, Natura 2000, High Nature Value farmland).  Recently she advised the Dutch government on the implementation of the greening measure for the direct payments from the perspective of biodiversity enhancement. You can email Anne on
- Upcoming events
This week! 'Can EU CAP it?' webinar on: European Innovation Partnership: Achieving more with less through innovation
FREE Event! Please book in 26 November, online

"Rethinking the links between farm modernisation, rural development and resilience in a world of increasing demands and finite resources".
2 December, 2015, Brussels. Final conference of the international RETHINK research programme.

Conference: Circular economy: the new job paradigm?
3 December, 2015, Brussels.
Conference: Zero Waste: A Key Solution Pathway for a Low Carbon Economy
9 December, 2015, France. (French)
Coming soon!: 'Can EU CAP it?' webinar on: On the importance of good soil management and the role of European policy
FREE Event! Please book in 16 December, online.

Sustainable Forest Management Workshop
17-20 March, 2016, UK

10th European Organic Congress

4-6 April, 2016, Netherlands
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