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Ilios Project Status as of 7 July,  2020
Welcome to another edition of the Ilios post-Curfew world-turned-upside-down Status Report!

With the passage of the July 4th holiday, we are pleased to announce the immediate release of v3.77.0. This includes features to address some of our burgeoning needs in the current paradigm, notably the ability to add a specific virtual teaching session link to any offering, accommodating blended and online learning in platforms such as Zoom.

Learners receive the link directly in their calendar or Week at a Glance, and can click in directly from their browser, or copy the URL link and paste to another application:

We have also updated readability and improved performance for learner group management, and included a number of minor bugfixes.

Our API work continues apace, and we expect to be releasing the finalized version of the Ilios v3 API for stable, continuing use later this month, along with the new "Student Advisor/tutor" user role. 

Our hope is that it will be an equally long number of years before another breaking change is necessary!

We continue to maintain Communications and Development quadrants into Yellow this month, out of regard for the continuing crisis. We will continue to monitor this status through the summer, as we approach a rather unique opening term of blended learning amid the ongoing pandemic. Otherwise, we are currently in the green.

If your school currently self-hosts, please do consider the option of hosting with us during this time of constrained resources and staffing. Once implemented, running costs for a hosted Ilios subscription are extremely reasonable, and we can be sure that your systems remain up, up to date, and fully operational for your faculty learners and staff wherever they may be situated.

PHP 7.3 EOL.

Today's release is the last Ilios version which is compatible with PHP 7.3; after v3.77.0 Ilios will require PHP 7.4. This will provide significant code security and speed improvements. System administrators please note, and be sure to schedule and align your system updates accordingly.

API version updates.

An API version update is approaching. Since 2015, Ilios has been running on the original v1 API. At this point in time, to make way for a number of the changes we are implementing in the roadmap, it is necessary to introduce the next version, v2, of the Ilios API. We are looking to launch the new version this summer. This will be a breaking change for systems calling the API directly,

As we approach the change, we will provide further details in order to assist you in the migration to the new API. Our intention is to continue to support the v1 API through the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.

System administrators and Ilios tech managers, please look here for further information in the coming three weeks regarding specifics of timeline, impacts, and best practices to manage the update. And of course, if you have any questions, please contact us at

The Ilios Team

Current release: v3.77.0
Next update scheduled:  24 July, 2020

The latest code for download and update, as well as the complete changelog, is available here:
Please be sure to updates your systems to get the latest, greatest code!

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.
Get automatic upgrades, always stay on the most current releases, and enjoy the security of knowing that your servers are being managed by the core Ilios team! We can help migrate your existing Ilios, or if you are new to Ilios we can spin you up an original setup. Interested in having us host your Ilios instance in our secure production environment? Let us know! 
Check out and if interested, please contact us for additional details, pricing and more info.

Training, Learning, and Collaboration Opportunities

 We continue to develop our online user guides. They are available at

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