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Ilios Project Status as of November 2,  2018

This month we are continuing to move ahead with final development and deployment of the course manager LTI component for LMS systems, and the linking of sessions to allow for identification and tracking of pre- and post-work. Unfortunately, due to delays during the month of October, we remain a few weeks behind our targets. For that reason Development/Progress remains coded as "yellow" for November.

We continue to stay "green" and on track in our other three quadrants. Our expectation is to be back on target by November 18th.

You asked: We delivered

Of most significant note this month, along with a slew of bugfixes and under-the-hood refactoring to improve code performance and sustainability -- along with creating the foundation for extensible modules such as the course management LTI -- has been our tuning of performance with Ilios. With clock speeds for page loading now literally 4 times faster than was previously available, Ilios is even more responsive for users who need rapid access to information.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know at!

The Ilios Team

Please be sure to updates your systems to get the latest, greatest code!
How to Update Your Frontend:

The Ilios frontend is always up-to-date on our content-delivery servers at Amazon S3, but you will need to regularly run a console command on your backend instance in order ensure that your users are seeing the latest version and that they are getting all the latest features and bugfixes. To make sure you users are receiving the latest frontend code at all times, just follow the steps described here:

Though you will probably never need to deploy the Ilios 3 Frontend on your own servers, the source for the frontend code can always be found at

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.

Our online user guides are available at

The latest code for download and update, as well as the complete changelog, is available here:

Training, Learning, and Collaboration Opportunities

 We continue to develop our online user guides. They are available at

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