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Ilios Project Status as of 5 July,  2019

We continue to stay "green" and on track in all four quadrants. Our most recent release version is v3.67.0. Our next scheduled release is expected July 12.

The past month has been focused primarily on wrapping up the first iteration of the soon-to-be-released search tools for Ilios; for those school whom we host directly, you will see these tools appearing in the upcoming late summer releases. With auto-suggest, "smart" auto-complete, and identification of specific locations of search results (tags, objectives, titles, descriptions), we think that this is a great addition to the platform, and will act as a foundation for many other potential features as time continues.

As we approach another CI upload season,  I want to be sure that all our AAMC uploading schools are ready for the August Curriculum Inventory report season (your upload portal opens on August 1, 2019). If you have any questions about building or uploading your report, or would like assistance in doing so, please do not hesitate to let us know!

With the current release, v3.67.0, there are a number of updates which may have an impact on your CI upload, so we encourage you to update to to this version prior to compiling and sending your report. Details on the change are below.

If you have further questions around how the CIR is affected by this update, contact us.

The Ilios Team

Highlights in this release:
  • API Changes: No breaking changes; aamcMethod now includes active flag
  • Schema Changes: allow for deprecation of AAMC mappings with "'active'/'inactive'" status attribute for aamc_method.
  • Other Changes: addition of AAMC mapping code 'AM019' to tables

PHP 7.2 EOL: A reminder that with this release, PHP 7.3 is now required (for current Ilios deployments v3.66.1 and above). If you are self-hosting your Ilios instance, please update your systems accordingly before updating to v3.67.0.

2019 Curriculum Inventory: The AAMC Curriculum Inventory has now fully deprecated the Standardized Assessment Method coded AM015 "Practical Lab", and will now throw an error if this code is used for any mapped activity. In order to address this, Ilios has added the code AM019 "Exam – Institutionally Developed, Laboratory Practical (Lab)", which supersedes and replaces AM015. Any Assessment Method(s) mapped to AM015 for the current cycle will automatically be updated to point to AM019 in the CI report. Historical reports which have been "finalized" in Ilios will not be affected, and moving forward the deprecated AM015 will no longer be available as a mapping option and will be marked in Ilios as "inactive". This requires no action on your part, but please be aware of the usage change. 
Please be sure to update your systems to get the latest, greatest code!
How to Update Your Frontend:

The Ilios frontend is always up-to-date on our content-delivery servers at Amazon S3, but you will need to regularly run a console command on your backend instance in order ensure that your users are seeing the latest version and that they are getting all the latest features and bugfixes. To make sure you users are receiving the latest frontend code at all times, just follow the steps described here:

Though you will probably never need to deploy the Ilios Frontend on your own servers, the source for the frontend code can always be found at

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.

Our online user guides are available at

The latest code for download and update, as well as the complete changelog, is available here:

Training, Learning, and Collaboration Opportunities

 We continue to develop our online user guides. They are available at

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