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As noted last week, we have entered into our release-freeze period as we approach the launch of the updated API. Therefore there is no release this week. We continue to hammer away at the API work, and are looking forward to pushing out the new Student Advisor role and updated offerings management tools with the next release window.

if you have questions please don't hesitate to send us a note at


API v3 UPDATE. We continue to target mid August for the launch of the final v3 API as the stable base for (we hope) the next few years. Between release and the end of calendar year 2020, the updated API will run in parallel with the existing v1 API; at the end of December we will be deprecating the v1 API entirely, so please be sure to convert all connected systems and analytics to the updated API prior to December 31, 2020. Admins and Data users please note -- If you currently connect directly to the database for analytics, the following tables and columns will be deprecated with the release of the API, and removed after December 31 2020:

  • department (no replacement)
  • objective (replace with program_year_objective | course_objective | session_objective)
  • objective_x_mesh (replace with program_year_objective_mesh | course_objective_mesh | session_objective_mesh)
  • objective_x_objective (no replacement)
  • program_year_steward (no replacement)
  • session_description (incorporated into session)
COLUMNS (Parent tables will remain - only the noted columns are affected):
  • course_x_objective::objective_id (moves to course_objective)
  • session_x_objective::objective_id (moves to session_objective)
  • program_year_x_objective::objective_id (moves to program_year_objective)
  • program::published (completely deprecated)
  • program::published_as_tbd (completely deprecated)
  • program_year::published (completely deprecated)
  • program_year::published_as_tbd (completely deprecated)
We strongly encourage you to review all analytics and update accordingly prior to December 31 2020. We also encourage any institutions still connecting directly to the database tables for analytics to take this opportunity to move toward using the API for all data sharing and extraction from Ilios.

If you have any questions. please contact

PHP 7.3 END OF LIFE. Just a reminder that as of Ilios v3.78.0, Ilios requires PHP 7.4 or greater. If your school self-hosts, please be sure to update your PHP version accordingly when you apply this or later Ilios updates.
The latest code and the complete changelog for this release, as always, are available for download here:

Get automatic upgrades, always stay on the most current releases, and enjoy the security of knowing that your servers are being managed by the core Ilios team! We can help migrate your existing Ilios, or if you are new to Ilios we can spin you up an original setup. Interested in having us host your Ilios instance in our secure production environment? Let us know! 
Check out and if interested, please contact us for additional details, pricing and more info.

LTI DEPLOYMENT: You can now plug the Ilios events & calendar dashboard, as well as the course manager, directly into your LTI-compatible LMS pages. It's as easy as clicking your mouse (two or three times). In order to deploy, you will need to be provided with a secure access key. Please email us for complete instructions at

TRAINING: Are you interested in getting a focused training for your power Ilios users and managers in your school or institution? We can do that for you: 1.5 - 2 days of focused training on the most effective ways to leverage Ilios as power users, and deliver information to your students and faculty in the best way possible, custom-tailored for your needs and methodologies. Please contact us if you are interested.

How to Update Your Frontend:
The Ilios frontend is always up-to-date on our content-delivery servers at Amazon S3, but you will need to regularly run a console command on your backend instance in order ensure that your users are seeing the latest version and that they are getting all the latest features and bugfixes. To make sure you users are receiving the latest frontend code at all times, just follow the steps described here:

Though you will probably never need to deploy the Ilios 3 Frontend on your own servers, the source for the frontend code can always be found at

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.

Our online user guides are available at

the Ilios Team

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