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Ilios Project Status as of 6 April, 2021
Greetings to all,

This month the Ilios team has continued with work to update the underlying code for the platform, updating libraries and frameworks to maintain stability and security, improve overall functionality, and provide a continuing foundation for future expansion and platform health.

While we have kept the Outreach/Communication quadrant in Yellow this month, per the consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will be dropping that mandatory leveling beginning in June of 2021. This is in light of the progress being made in vaccinating the population, as well as the scheduled return to a less crisis-driven model for our UCSF community home-base.

With our API update and other major scheduled efforts from 2020 now behind us, we are expecting to focus efforts on a few key ares in the coming cycle. First, as a part of the ongoing code update efforts, we are specifically addressing further accessibility improvements. As you know, we have made it a priority to ensure that Ilios not only meets, but exceeds most online accessibility requirements as outlined by the current WCAG specifications. The current work continues to build on this priority.

Second, we are looking to expand and improve our reporting and visualization tools. In light of this, if you have any specific areas of interest, please provide any and all feedback you can to 

Finally, it is budget season, and we are reviewing our status for the coming year. If any issues are identified they will be expressed in the next month's report, but at this time no shortfalls or concerns are foreseen.

Looking forward to a productive Spring season!


Next Scheduled Release: 4/16/2021
Current Version: v3.87.1
Please be sure to updates your systems to get the latest, greatest code!
The latest code for download and update, as well as the complete changelog, is available here: The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.

Tired of managing updates? Information on Ilios Hosting is available here.

Training, Learning, and Collaboration Opportunities

 We continue to develop our online user guides. They are available at

  Ilios Project Website:
  The Ilios Wiki:
  The Ilios Slack Channel: (join here)
  Ilios Code Repositories:
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  Ilios Online User Guides:
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