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Ilios Project Status as of 7 August,  2020
Welcome to another edition of the Ilios Status Report!

With the arrival of this week, we have concluded our "release freeze" period, and are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of v3.79.0. This release includes the newly updated API, as well as launching the new student advisor role, and corrects a display issue with how linked ILM activities were displaying in the dashboard. Moving forward, we are now continuing with our regular cycle of updates: new core backend releases approximately every 2 weeks; and intermediary updates to the frontend interface on an ongoing basis for each of those releases.

API: The updated API, with better modeling, simpler retrieval and management of learning objectives and mappings, and un-utilized legacy items removed, is now live and functioning. More details on this are below, but we encourage your admins, data and analytics leads, and others who may interact with the Ilios system to retrieve data in ways which do not utilize the platform web interface to review these updates.

Student Advisor: this new role in the "Leadership" section of courses and sessions allows for the association of learners to a given course, session, or activity in the role of tutor/mentor/leader. It provides them a higher level of access to those events, without exposing unnecessary or inappropriate curricular details or material to them at the same time.

With the launch of these items, as well as numerous additional bugifxes in the interface, we are moving the Development / Progress quadrant back to Green this month. We continue to leave Communications in Yellow, as the COVID-19 concerns and issues have not abated. If your school currently self-hosts, please do consider the option of hosting with us during this time of constrained resources and staffing. Once implemented, running costs for a hosted Ilios subscription are extremely reasonable, and we can be sure that your systems remain up, up to date, and fully operational for your faculty learners and staff wherever they may be situated.


With the launch of the latest update to the API, we do not expect further breaking changes to the API for some time. Since this change is coupled with a number of revisions in the data model, we encourage anyone running 3rd party or external integrations with Ilios to begin now to migrate those integrations to the latest release of the API, and complete any migrations no later than December 2020. If you run analytics directly from your Ilios database, now is a great opportunity to review the possibility of migrating those analytics from a direct connection with the tables to a stable connection with the API endpoints.

For those connecting directly to the database and using affected tables, we will continue to support existing tables and structures until December 2020, at which time all deprecated tables and attributes will be removed from Ilios. For assistance in navigating the migration to the new systems, we encourage you to review the information provided on table modfications and updates listed in the previous updates (; in the user guide appendix; and the public updated api documentation (also available in your own ilios installation). And of course to reach out to or to the #help channel on Ilios Slack at any time.

The Ilios Team

Current release: v3.79.0
Next update scheduled:  21 August, 2020

The latest code for download and update, as well as the complete changelog, is available here:
Please be sure to updates your systems to get the latest, greatest code!

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.
Get automatic upgrades, always stay on the most current releases, and enjoy the security of knowing that your servers are being managed by the core Ilios team! We can help migrate your existing Ilios, or if you are new to Ilios we can spin you up an original setup. Interested in having us host your Ilios instance in our secure production environment? Let us know! 
Check out and if interested, please contact us for additional details, pricing and more info.

Training, Learning, and Collaboration Opportunities

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