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We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest update to Ilios.

This release, v3.88.0, contains a number of significant updates, notably dependency updates to include the latest version of Symfony (5.3) and support for PHP 8. It also includes fixes to numeric displays, some performance enhancements, and more. We encourage you to update your systems as soon as possible to take advantage of these improvements.

N.B.: As noted previously, beginning with this update Ilios will no longer support PHP 7.4 and below, and will require PHP 8. Please make sure that your server systems are up to date prior to updating to v3.88.0.

OTHER UPDATES: The AAMC Curriculum Inventory portal opens this year on 1 August, and we are ready and standing by to assist you with any needs for your successful upload from Ilios for your school. Just let us know!

We will be sending out the monthly status report with a further roundup of activity for the Ilios Project, upcoming plans, and general news, next Friday - 9 July 2021.

if you have questions please don't hesitate to send us a note at
The latest code and the complete changelog for this release, as always, are available for download here:

LTI DEPLOYMENT: You can now plug the Ilios events & calendar dashboard, as well as the course manager, directly into your LTI-compatible LMS pages. It's as easy as clicking your mouse (two or three times). In order to deploy, you will need to be provided with a secure access key. Please email us for complete instructions at

TRAINING: Looking for training for your power Ilios users and managers in your school? Focused or general, we are ready to help you. Get training, custom-tailored for your needs and methodologies. Please contact us if you are interested.

Looking for an Ilios hosting solution? Let us know. We can host you.

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.

Our online user guides are available at

the Ilios Team

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