From far, from eve and morning
  And yon twelve-winded sky,
The stuff of life to knit me
  Blew hither: here am I.

Now - for a breath I tarry
  Nor yet disperse apart - 
Take my hand quick and tell me,
What have you in your heart.
    curriculum management for the health professions
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Ilios Project Status as of 8 January,  2021
Hello and happy new year!

At least, we hope a happier new year!

2020 was unique and challenging in so many ways; with the global pandemic altering the very nature of how we approach spaces for learning and the delivery of information, as well as how we work and interact with one another. At the same time, it has spurred us to innovate, improve, and respond to the needs of our learners and our instructors and staff with even more creativity, engagement, and efficiency than ever before.

This month's update will be your brief review of the past year, and the changes and progress seen with Ilios. With the continuing struggle to reach the end of the pandemic, I am keeping the Outreach/Communications quadrant in yellow, and will continue to do so until vaccination efforts have reached the general public, and hospital capacities, lockdown orders, and general closures have returned to more normal levels. All other quadrants start the 2021 year in the green.


We had a productive year, and did well to achieve the majority of the goals on our timeline, despite the challenges. In addition, we converted Ilios to provided support for ongoing remote learning, improved accessibility across the interface. In infrastructure, we went live with our containerization of the application on AWS Fargate, implemented CAS as an additional option for SSO authentication in our UCSF deployment - the first education system at UCSF to provide that option - and continued our support work with our key partner schools (with special shoutouts to our friends at Stanford, Vanderbilt, and USF Morsani), and helping launch new schools in North America and Australia. 

In all, we delivered:
  • 32 Backend repository code releases
  • 45 Frontend repository code releases
  • 59 Common repository code releases
  • 5 LTI Component releases
for a total of 141 code releases in the 2020 calendar year.

In those releases we were able to deliver most notably:
  • New API version (v3) - see note below
  • Improved Offerings management
  • Online / Remote Learning support tools
  • Improved user account management
  • Improved performance for Curriculum Inventory tools
  • Literally hundreds of performance and capacity improvements

In 2015, we launched the third version of Ilios on a completely rewritten platform, using a new technology stack and toolset, with the intention of providing a lifespan of 4-6 years before the need to to another major revision. Today, in 2021, that platform is still performing optimally, with a level of security, future-proofed architecture and programmability that remains current and adaptable for the foreseeable near future. Our expectation is now that the current architecture should continue to perform without a need for another major revision/rewrite through at least 2025 -- significantly longer than hoped or expected, and in "software years" something of a Lazarus.

A sincere and heartfelt thanks to the Ilios development and support team, who have not only made all this possible, but have continued to be an incredible group to work with and (on a personal note) keep me from drowning in the efforts of maintaining our organization's managment. Kudos.


At the end of January 2021, we will be permanently retiring the v1 API for Ilios. This means that any and all external integrations calling the API will be required to use the v3 API endpoints. If you have already updated, or do not use the API, there is no action needed. If you are still calling the old API (eg, vs, you will need to update it and verify your sources and external data prior to the end of the month of January.

current version: v3.84.2
next scheduled release: 01/15/2021

The Ilios Team
Please be sure to updates your systems to get the latest, greatest code!
The latest code for download and update, as well as the complete changelog, is available here: The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.

Tired of managing updates? Information on Ilios Hosting is available here.

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