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Ilios Project Status as of 7 November,  2019


We continue to stay "green" and on track in all four quadrants.

This month we have been focused on infrastructure updates and code / testing updates for the platform. It isn't such sexy work to talk about, but it is critical: the work being done now is preparing us for some major updates that are coming down the road in the next year which will be big improvements (about 15%) to performance, as well as significant additions for long term sustainability of the Ilios code.

In the meantime though, we are continuing to address a number of notable features and improvements that do seem just a bit "sexier" from the user perspective. As we noted in the last update, these include:
  • a facelift and notable improvements to the offerings management tools, including user assignment and time zone selection;
  • the addition of vocabulary term tagging to learning objectives;
  • new rollover features for groups (and improvements to rollover generally);
  • enhanced CI Report management tools; and
  • new objective mapping visualizations for courses.
The offering improvements should make the scheduling and management of activities far simpler; the time zone addition will also allow for easier tracking and delivery of activities in distributed and remote locations. Expanding the tagging options at the objective level will allow schools to more closely track and identify spiral and threaded themes in the curriculum should they desire. And the new visualizations will provde for another view into the objective map at the course level, similar to that provided at the program level now.

You asked: We delivered

Most of the current feature work that is noted above derives directly from user requests; ranging across our schools and users, and across a variety of system areas, we are working hard to respond to the varied interests and needs of all the schools in our Ilios Health Professions Education community. While we aren't able to respond to every single request, we do our best to identify those with the broadest need, and the highest potential positive impact, while still being technically feasible and resource sensitive. If there is something you think should be on that list, please let us know so we can see how to best fit it into the existing feature roadmap.

The Ilios Team

Highlights in this release:
  • API Changes: No breaking changes.
  • Schema Changes: No breaking changes.
  • Other Changes: No breaking changes.
Please be sure to updates your systems to get the latest, greatest code!

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.
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