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No release this week, but we have updated the frontend with a number of key improvements, including enhancements to the administration tools, some bugfixes, and other improvements.

  • Year selector in Admin Console fixed
  • Leadership management form bug fixed
  • Bulk user upload bug corrected
  • My Profile page code updated and improved
Current Version: v3.84.0
Next scheduled release: 11 December, 2020


Did you know that you can download the entire competency map of your program directly from Ilios? It is simple to do:

1) Navigate to "Programs  and select your desired Program.
2) To get a snapshot of the map of a specific cohort to date, simply select that cohort's Program Year ("Class of XX"); to get a complete map across all years of a curriculum, select the most advanced cohort's Program Year (eg, the Program Year associated with the cohort of your most recently graduated (or about to graduate) students. For a 4-year program right now, that would look something like "Year 2016-17 [Class of 2020]";

3) open up the Objectives panel in your selected Program Year;
4) the onscreen display will show all the mappings of all Program Objectives and their associated courses and course objectives, along with their parent competencies. To download the entire map as a spreadsheet, simply click the "Download Competency Map" button at the top of the Objective list.

if you have questions please don't hesitate to send us a note at
The latest code and the complete changelog for this release, as always, are available for download here:

LTI DEPLOYMENT: You can now plug the Ilios events & calendar dashboard, as well as the course manager, directly into your LTI-compatible LMS pages. It's as easy as clicking your mouse (two or three times). In order to deploy, you will need to be provided with a secure access key. Please email us for complete instructions at

The changelog for updates specific to the frontend can be viewed here.
Our online user guides are available at

the Ilios Team

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