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Hello Santa Barbara,
I hope you've enjoyed the string of celebratory events: legalization of same sex marriage, the spectacular double star of Venus and Jupiter’s close alignment, the full Moon in Capricorn which makes her serious, cautious, and very adult, 4th of July and summer solstice.  The ancient Chinese saw summer solstice as the yin to winter solstice’s yang, and created lavish festivals to honor the earth and her exquisite 
femininity.  Perhaps this is why it’s my favorite holiday!

I’m feeling grateful to be alive and to witness events such as the granting of same sex couples marriage equality and equal dignity in the eyes of the law.  At the same time I'm bearing witness to some of the cruelty, insensitivity, and ignorant practices that 
plague our nation. I want to bring focus to all that feels unjust and inhumane, and place it in the highest light, then send it the best intentions, vibrations and prayers. 

Will you join me, and give this healing gesture the power of numbers? I would be so grateful if you would. And if you will, once you are finished reading this, please impart grace to our country in whatever manner feels appropriate to you. Perhaps 
it will be a prayer, a loving-kindness meditation, a song of peace, a dance of love, helping out a stranger, or a random act of kindness. Any act of kindness, backed by intention, contributes to change.  Every voice and every person can make a difference.  Two favorite quotes of Gandhi serve me here:  “Be the change you want to see in the world,” and “My life is my message.”

Thank you.
Stay tuned, next month I’ll speak of the last element, Metal, in our series of the 5. Meanwhile, here is a link to a very important way to think about beating the heat with a beverage that cools the system. It’s better than downing a cold beverage, which can actually increase internal heat. Think about it, we've only had sealed refrigerators for the last hundred years. Some of us have grandparents or parents that have been thrilled to toss out their old ice boxes to welcome a new Frigidaire, just as some of us have with CD’s, computers, cell phones and flat screens had 
parents with hi-fis.

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