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We are proud to be official distributors for Macnaught in the UK. Macnaught have been designing and manufacturing premium quality fluid measurement, fluid transfer and lubrication equipment for the agricultural, automotive, industrial, mining and transport industries across the globe for over six decades. 
Qalcosonic Flow 4
Axis recently introduced the Qalcosonic Flow 4 as an addition to their flow meter family. Designed for measurement of hot and cold water consumption in residential as well as industrial applications, the Qalcosonic Flow 4 is a static water meter utilising ultrasonic technology.

The ultrasonic principle ensures that this meter has no mechanical moving parts, prolonging the life of the meter and ensuring long term accuracy. These meters benefit from flexible installation in vertical or horizontal pipework. Furthermore they can be installed either indoors or outdoors.

Meter sizes from DN15 to DN100 with threaded and flanged connections, Qp values range from 1.6 to 100 m3/hr with R250/R400 dynamic range as standard. This range is MID approved with WRAS approval pending. Models feature a range of optional communication modules including MBus, Modbus and RF860 (wireless MBus). Please contact Bell Flow Systems for more information.

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Effective sea water monitoring

At Hinkley Point

Bell Flow Systems were recently asked to provide a meter suitable for accurately measuring and recording the flow of sea water being pumped across a beach at Hinkley point.

Hinkley point in Somerset is the site for a new nuclear power station, the first in the UK for a generation. As the 10 year construction scheme begins there are many environmental factors to be considered at each phase. One of these is to ensure that enough water is pumped from the sea to areas where it is required to help preserve marine life following the temporary construction of a new jetty and sea wall, built to allow materials for the construction of the power station to be delivered by sea.

To provide evidence of sufficient pumped water supply, Bell Flow Systems were required to provide a suitable flow sensor to meet the demands of the application. The flow meter must be compatible with sea water and designed to cope with the challenging weather conditions found on this beach side installation location. It must also be internally powered and capable of accurately logging the volume of water pumped. The ModMag M5000 from Badger Meter was the ideal solution.


Innovative digital fuel meter
From Tecalemit

Introducing the latest product from German manufacturer - Tecalemit, a durable multi-purpose digital turbine flow meter, suitable for; diesel, fuel oil, water, antifreeze and Adblue®. Now available in the UK from Bell Flow Systems, the FMT 3 flow meter features a symmetrical measurement chamber allowing the device to be used with flow in both directions. Models are straight forward to operate and suitable for use in automotive environments and most downstream oil applications, where measured fluids display a wide range of viscosities.

The meter is ingress protected to IP65 and features a large illuminated LCD display with freely rotatable viewing angle, adjustable in 90 degree increments.  A unique feature of this model within its’ target markets is the magnetically coupled operation ensuring total separation between wetted components and the display, which can be removed during operation . This is especially helpful for any future maintenance since it allows the user to replace just the LCD display, work on the existing line, or perform any future upgrades easily and safely.

With an accuracy reading of better than +/-1%, after initial calibration, the meter is ideal for applications where precise flow measurement is required. FMT 3 Meters will operate at flow rates of between 5-120 l/min and a maximum operating pressure of up to 10 bar (145 psi).

Portable BFU-100-H  flow meter

For water quality monitoring

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a company who specialize in the set up and maintenance of aquatic exhibits in zoos around the UK.

The company required a flexible, portable metering option, which would allow their engineers to measure the flow rate in a variety of pipe sizes without having to interrupt the flow or disturb the animals.

With inherent advantages over traditional in-line flow meter technologies, the cost-effective BFU-100-H handheld portable ultrasonic heat meter was chosen. The ultrasonic flow meter was supplied, as it allowed the engineers to use the same meter at various zoos, on a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, without having to cut into the pipe and cause potential contamination issues.

The BFU-100-H is a battery powered, non-invasive meter which clamps on to the outside of virtually any pipe material, from 25mm to 700mm in diameter and is accurate to ±1%. Featuring flexible installation in which the meter can be mounted both horizontally or vertically, if required. Models can display instantaneous fluid flow rates or velocity, together with 4 different totalised values and are capable of transmitting a signal to an external logger or monitoring system using Pulse and 4-20mA Signals

This meter was used to ensure the efficiency of their filtering and pumping systems for aquatic exhibits, for a wide range of creatures from jellyfish to penguins, to ensure the water quality was good enough to keep them all healthy and happy!

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