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Siargo MF4600 Meter
With world leading MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) mass flow sensing technology, the MF4600 has inherent advantages over traditional variable area gas flow meters. The mass flow meter is designed with the structure of a rotameter but with the full capacity of digital gas flow metrology and LED display.

Compact with a robust design, the MF4600 series feature a direct mass flow measurement with high accuracy. The meters contain an integrated LED display showing the instant and accumulated flow rate with on-site access via front buttons. Compatible with traditional rotameter mechanical connections, flow range and mechanical dimensions can be fully customized.

As standard RS485 Modbus enables the remote access and networking. Various flow ranges available from 0-5 SLPM with an operating temperature of -10 to +55 °C.

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Ultrasonic Level Measurement
Goes fully wireless

The demand for wireless communication in the field of sensors and measurement devices is forever increasing, with technology development operating nonstop. The problem most consumers currently face however is that products which claim to be wireless, commonly are not truly wireless. Although the systems on the market can provide wireless communications, they are not able to operate without the need for power. 

The LNU ultrasonic level sensor from Bell Flow Systems tackles this problem with its truly wireless design. The sensor itself contains a Lithium battery supply which means the user can simply install the sensor in their application without the need to connect a power or a communications cable to the device. Configuration of the device is simple, using a wireless dongle called a Wiji the user can connect to their device via a laptop and view live level data, stored level data from the unit’s internal data logger and / or make changes to the sensor configuration.

Data from the LNU can also be collected using a Wiji radio access point. This device will collect information from the LNU on a timed basis and report the information via a RS-485 signal to a PLC or data collection system. Alternatively if the site is remote, data can be collected by the device and transmit via a GSM / GPRS signal to our web based data portal.

Portable BFU-100-H  flow meter

For water quality monitoring

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a company who specialize in the set up and maintenance of aquatic exhibits in zoos around the UK. The company required a flexible, portable metering option, which would allow their engineers to measure the flow rate in a variety of pipe sizes without having to interrupt the flow or disturb the animals.

With inherent advantages over traditional in-line flow meter technologies, the cost-effective BFU-100-H handheld portable ultrasonic heat meter was chosen. The ultrasonic flow meter was supplied, as it allowed the engineers to use the same meter at various zoos, on a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, without having to cut into the pipe and cause potential contamination issues.

The BFU-100-H is a battery powered, non-invasive meter which clamps on to the outside of virtually any pipe material, from 25mm to 700mm in diameter and is accurate to ±1%. Featuring flexible installation in which the meter can be mounted both horizontally or vertically, if required. Models can display instantaneous fluid flow rates or velocity, together with 4 different totalised values and are capable of transmitting a signal to an external logger of BMS using Pulse and 4-20mA Signals.

Multi-Variable Vortex Steam Meters

BFVM Series

The BFVM series of in-line vortex flow meters are designed for measuring the volume/mass flow of steam based on the Karman vortex principle. Using an advanced differential algorithm along with signal isolation, buffered shielding and wave form filtering, the BFVM series of vortex flow meters have the advantages of immunity to vibration and noise. 

Available from DN20 to DN300 with optional temperature and pressure compensation for accurate and reliable mass flow measurement. This range of steam flow meters is manufactured in stainless steel and available as wafer design or with a choice of flanges and is suitable for either saturated or super-heated steam with temperatures up to +350°C.

Various output options are available including: Pulse 4-20mA, 1-5vDC & RS485 for remote data networking. P & T Mass Compensated Measurement is available in a local or remote display. The remote display options include Thermal Energy Measurement and condensate return calculation.

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