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Siargo MF5700 Meter
Measuring flow utilising the leading MEMS technology, MF5700 thermal mass flow meters from Siargo are a cost-effective choice for gas flow monitoring, measurement and control in general purpose flow applications. The meters are designed for use with non-explosive and clean gases such as air and nitrogen. 

The MF5700 features a rotatable LCD display showing instant flow, SLPM, accumulated flow and battery status. The compact and portable design makes the meter an ideal choice for various applications where a power supply is unavailable.

Specifications on this range of mass flow meters include: hygienic and oxygen safe copper body, an accuracy reading of +/-3% and a flow range of 0 – 25 SLPM, depending on the model selected. A choice of Pulse, 4-20mA and RS485 outputs are available.

Axis Ultrasonic Heat Meters

Installed in Dubai skyscraper

More than 1,500 ultrasonic cooling energy meters were installed in the 55-story Juma Al Majid Tower which is nearing completion in the centre of Dubai. Both luxury apartments and commercial spaces will be created within the tower block. The building is rising alongside the Burj Khalifa, which, at 828 meters, is the world's tallest skyscraper.

The Juma Al Majid Tower installation package features the MID Approved Qalcosonic-Heat 1 product, which are the most popular ultrasonic heat meters produced by Axis Industries in Lithuania. They can measure both heating and cooling thermal energy supplied and are available from Bell Flow Systems Ltd, partners to Axis Industries in the UK.

Currently, specialists working with Kimans Inc, in the United Arab Emirates, are finishing the installation of these heat meters in the Tower and connecting them to a remote data collection system to facilitate energy monitoring and management throughout this state of the art building.

“The successfully completed project allows Axis to plan the implementation of two to three similar orders in the United Arab Emirates' market within the coming months. The annual demand for cooling energy meters that our partners in Dubai can acquire is about 25,000 devices,” commented Axis Industries' commercial director.

Aquadis+ Water Meter Range
From Itron

The Itron Aquadis+ range of mechanical water flow meters are suitable for both primary and secondary domestic billing due to their approval to the OIML R49 standard and European MID - Directive 2004/22/EC. The working principle of Aquadis+ is based on the established rotary piston design which is magnetically coupled to a hermetically sealed counter mechanism.

The range is manufactured from Brass or high performance thermoplastic materials on certain sizes offering installation benefits including corrosion resistance, reduced size and weight as well as long-term mechanical stability. Their design is durable and water resistant to IP68, it is also approved to the UK national drinking water approvals scheme –WRAS standards.

Aquadis+ is provided pre-equipped for Itron’s Cyble technology, making it possible to mount plug-and-play Cyble communication modules when required. This facilitates connection to a range of Automatic Meter Reading systems (AMR) such as Radio walk-by systems, radio fixed data collection systems and M-Bus wired or wireless systems. Some of the key advantages of using the Cyble technology include flexible network integration, leak detection and zero sensitivity to magnetic fields.

For more information on the Aquadis+ water meter range, please contact Bell Flow Systems on 01280 817304 or

Bulk Fuel Transfer Meters

For cost-effective solutions

Our BM-Series of bulk fuel transfer flow meters are cost effective, durable positive displacement meters designed for fuel metering in both transfer measurement and loading applications.

With a calibrated accuracy of ±0.2% the meters provide high accuracy and consistent repeatability for high speed metering of oil and petrochemical products such as fuel oil, diesel, kerosene and refined petroleum products, ideal for fuel depots, tank farms, tanker installations and heavy duty fuel dispensing for large vehicles.

The BM-Series is available in sizes from 1½” to 6” and flow rates up to 2250 l/min. Constructed from aluminum or Carbon Steel and with supplied threaded or flanged connections, the meters can handle temperatures up to +120°C and pressure up to 10.5 bar. The meters come complete with a selection of metering and batching accessories including strainers, air eliminators, check-valves, ticket printers and pulse outputs. 

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