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VARTA News - December 2013

ART Further Amendment Bill 2013

On 11 December there was a second reading of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Further Amendment Bill 2013 by Hon. Mary Wooldridge, Minister for Mental Health in the Victorian Parliament. 
The purposes of the Bill are –
  • To amend the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 2008 (Vic) to provide for further rights to access information, including to provide relevant parties with access to information about treatment procedures using gametes donate before July 1988; and
  • To amend the Human Tissue Act 1982 (Vic) to allow the approval of advertisements for the donation of ova to be delegated to the Victorian assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority. The Bill will provide all donor-conceived people with access to information about their donors where available, and in the case of identifying information, with the donor’s consent. In effect it extends the current law applying to the 1988-97 donor-conceived people to donor-conceived people conceived prior to 1988.
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Annual report erratum notice

This notice is issued as an erratum to VARTA’s 2013 Annual Report with immediate effect.
*  Amendments have been made to table 2.8 on page 30 of the report, listing the number of patients with sperm in storage as at 30 June 2013
*  Amendments to notes have been made for table 5.3 on page 31 of the report, listing the total number of donors whose sperm is stored and available for donor treatment.
VARTA apologises for any inconvenience caused and an amended report is now available on the VARTA website.

VARTA in the media

More Victorian women choosing to be single mothers
“Louise Johnson, VARTA's chief executive, echoes many others who say the rise reflects a growing acceptance of different kinds of families - that it's not who makes up a family or how the family is created, but what the child receives in terms of love and care. But what makes a woman decide to go it alone? When is the time right? And what role should, or could, a donor play in a child's life?”.

Read more of the article published in The Age, 4 December 2013.

Office closure

The offices of VARTA will be closed from 23 December and reopen 2 January 2014.
For all urgent inquiries, contact Louise Johnson, CEO on 0419 557 639.

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