Week of March 28, 2022
CITP News Highlights

New York AG’s Probe of Travel Site Builds on CITP Work on Dark Patterns

Mihir Kshirsagar, who leads CITP’s Tech Policy Clinic, writes in the Freedom To Tinker blog about the New York Attorney General's investigation of Fareportal, a travel site that exploited the scarcity bias, the bandwagon effect and other “dark patterns” to manipulate customers.

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CITP Emerging Scholar Klaudia Jaźwińska Calls for Transparency in CS Conference Funding

In a new post on CITP’s Freedom To Tinker blog, Jazwinska outlines a series of steps computer science conference organizers can take to mitigate "potential agenda-setting” influence from Big Tech companies like Google.
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“The Verge” Cites CITP Fellow Elizabeth Anne Watkins’ Research on Use of AI in Clinical Care

The tech news site, The Verge, referenced a 2020 report in which Watkins chronicled the use of Sepsis Watch, an AI system designed to assess a patient’s likelihood of developing sepsis. Watkins’ research highlighted the importance of human labor in integrating AI systems.
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CITP Fellow Sergey Sanovich Discusses Messaging Apps with France 24

Sanovich told the French news organization that he doesn't believe Russia will ban the messaging application Telegram because Russian authorities don't have many platform alternatives.
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Upcoming Events

CITP Seminar

Jaime Fernández Fisac – Machine Bullshit: Emergent Manipulative Behavior in Language Agents
Our research group is currently trying to shed light on what we think is one of the most pressing dangers presaged by the increasing power and reach of AI technologies ...
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CITP Seminar

Emily Denton – Data, Power, and AI Ethics: Critiquing and Rethinking Machine Learning Data Infrastructure
In response to growing concerns of bias, discrimination, and unfairness perpetuated by algorithmic systems, the datasets used to train and evaluate machine learning models have come ...
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CITP Special Event

Tech In Conversation: Imagining Radical Tech Futures – Moderated by CITP Emerging Scholar Kenia Hale
While scholars often examine the ways in which technologies fail and marginalize communities, this event focuses on an equally critical goal of adopting an abolitionist mindset ...
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CITP Seminar

Denae Ford Robinson – The Next Generation of Software Developers
Microsoft is home to the world’s largest developer communities and ecosystems with Azure, GitHub, and Visual Studio. Thus, having sustainable and inclusive communities is ...
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CITP Seminar

Amy Winecoff – Algorithmic Ecosystems: Understanding Human-AI Interactions from Both Sides of the Algorithm
Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms constitute a core component of many technology products. Although ML and AI algorithms can be beneficial ...
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