Week of February 14, 2022
CITP News Highlights

Tech-Centered Activities Continue at Sherrerd Hall 

CITP Fellows stroll along Shapiro Walk on campus. (From left to right is Emerging Scholar Klaudia Jaźwińska, Graduate Student Sayash Kapoor, Emerging Scholar Kenia Hale, and Graduate Student Mona Wang. In the background on the far left is Sherrerd Hall.)

Activities for the CITP community are continuing during the spring semester, including the popular Tuesday seminars and a reading group focused on technology and the environment. Refer to the CITP website for new events.

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CITP Affiliated Faculty Member Teaches AI to a New Generation 

CITP affiliated faculty member Olga Russakovsky, an assistant professor of computer science, has been profiled for her work in making AI research and programming accessible to high schoolers from under-represented groups.
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Mihir Kshirsagar Quoted in Consumer Reports on Data-Sharing

Requests from websites to share diagnostic data may seem innocent enough, but CITP's Mihir Kshirsagar told Consumer Reports the companies' motives are not always clear. The problem is that it’s very difficult to verify that, in fact, they are using it for the purposes that they agreed to collect the data." Kshirsagar cautioned.  
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CITP's Mihir Kshirsagar Explains the Importance of Strong Data Retention and Deletion Policies

Millions of T-Mobile customers have been victims of data security breaches. Recently, CITP's Mihir Kshirsagar, who leads CITP's interdisciplinary Tech Policy Clinic, found out he was one of them. He shares his story and recommendations to policy officials in Freedom to Tinker.
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Upcoming Virtual Events

CITP Seminar

Ryan Calo – Modeling Through
Theorists of justice have long imagined a decision-maker capable of acting wisely in every circumstance. Policymakers seldom live up to this ideal. They face well-understood limits, including an inability to anticipate the societal impacts of state ...
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CITP Seminar

Ethan Zuckerman – The Good Web: Competing Visions for the Future of Social Media
Between the US Capitol Insurrection and Frances Haugen’s revelations about the inner workings of Facebook, 2021 was a rough year for social media. Many social media observers ...
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CITP Seminar

Lauren Kilgour – Electronic Ankle Monitors and the Politics of Criminal Justice Technology
This talk examines why electronic ankle monitors look and feel the way they do. The form factor of a digital monitoring technology is often overlooked, as we tend to focus on its data collection ...
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There will be no CITP seminar today, due to Spring Recess. 
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