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We're listening and we want to give you more of what you want. WE Members are the lifeline of our organization and we care deeply about your interests, obstacles and topics that are top of mind. We're always looking for feedback from you on what we can offer for resources and information to make sure you are getting exactly what suits your needs.

I invite you to share with us some topics you'd like to learn more about and we will work to tailor our programming! Please fill out this two-minute survey to let us know which topics are most beneficial to you so that we may incorporate these in our targeted programs.

Last but not least, I wanted to encourage you to join us in our efforts to make this network a powerful platform for women's empowerment! For that we need to double our members & beneficiaries! And there is no one better than you as a member to help bring more women to the table who can become donor members! Spread the word and invite other women leaders to join WE Evolution.

Those who become members prior to August 28th, 2020 will receive special gifts according to their membership level! From a Tote Bag #UseYourPowerToEmpower + a bracelet with a unique WE design by My Jewelry Spot + to a copy of Diario de una Mujer Vital by Maria Gabriela Hoch.

PS: the member who brings the most new members has a very special surprise coming!!! (Hint: FREE growth opportunity). The surprise is a work in process but will definitely be worth the wait!
With love and gratitude,
Maria Gabriela “Tissy” Hoch
Explore Membership Levels & Benefits
Network Activation

Support & connection between members
We have spotted a unique opportunity to connect women leaders within our network, especially with the rise of a virtual era. Therefore we have decided to create the WE Evolution Give and Get in hopes to increase support and connection through our community. The Give and Get is an opportunity for any WE Member to share a need or name a service (Get) that other members may be able to provide them or to offer any form of pro bono support (Give) to other members. Give’s and Get’s can include networks/connections, information, products/services based on your professional specialization, etc. 

If you’re interested in participating, please complete this form as soon as possible. 

GIVE & GET's of the month:
  • GIVE: Yleana Ketchum, WE Member, is willing to provide a 45-minutes pro-bono counseling session to help you to create a road map to achieve your goals. If interetsed, please contact Yleana through email:
  • GIVE: Laura Sgroi, WE Member is offering 45-minute coaching conversations on topics such as life coaching, work/life balance, well-being and positive lifestyle, fertility coaching, new beginnings and (eg: new career, new business, motherhood, empty nest, retirement, life as a stay at home/work from home). If interested, don't hesitate to contact Laura through email:
  • GIVE: Yarmeli Lares is willing to provided 1 hr pro-bono Business Mentoring Sessions. Please contact Yarmeli through email:
  • GET: Mabel is looking for a marketing and personal branding evaluation from a WE network expert. Please contact Mabel through her email: 
  • GET: Karina Besprovan needs help with an overview of a project idea. Please contact Karina through email: 
  • GIVE: Yarmeli Lares is looking to expand her network of business contacts. Please contact Yarmeli through email:
CoachSulting in Times of Change & Crisis

Pro bono coaching hours with Dynamic Group

We wanted to let you know that Angela de Sousa, ACC who is a life transitions coach, and WE Member, has opened up some pro-bono “CoachSulting Session” hours.

These Coaching Hours are available to all WE Members. As a WE member, you can receive one 45-minute coaching conversation, which can be booked through Angela’s schedule on her Calendly link below. Angela knows that it is hard for many of us to find our way back to greatness during this crisis, therefore, she has committed to spend 45 minutes working through ideas with members on issues such as :

  • Conscious Leadership 
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Navigating Change
  • Real Life Success  

Here's a link for scheduling. There's no charge for this as Angela is a firm believer in “giving back” to the community, so we can work together while moving forward. We ask that each person sign up only once to make sure the opportunity will be available for others. You can always make other agreements If needed during your time with her.

If you want to learn more about Angela and her endeavor, Dynamic Growth, visit her website: www.DynamicGrowth.Coach Or Instagram @DynamicGrowth


A virtual safe-space for consciousness and wellness

Save the Date for "The Inner Space" on September 4, 2020!

The Inner Space will serve as an online safe space for personal growth, consciousness, and wellness. We Evolution firmly believes that many barriers that prevent us from being our highest, happiest, most successful selves are self-placed limitations. We encourage you to join us on one or more sessions of The Inner Space to connect with your inner driving force and, as a conscious leader, be brave enough to grab the opportunities that are already waiting for you. 

The group sessions will feature different guest mentors that will offer exclusive advice and coaching on various areas, allowing you to shed light on topics our mentors specialize in that can be beneficial to you. Have your questions ready prior to the event! 

  • Free for Members
  • Suggested non-member $15 ticket donation
  • Bilingual (Spanish & English). 
  • ZOOM chat room will be open at 9:30 pm ET (half an hour prior to the start of the event) for thirty minutes of open conversation. We invite you to join early to connect and engage with other attendees!
We encourage you to spend a nourishing hour with us by joining in on one or more of the scheduled session dates! Get your ticket here.

We are proud to announce that our three guest mentors on September 4 will be...

Chef Yas (Website)
Chef Yas has a long trajectory studying fresh food sourcing, yoga meditation, mind/body wellness, and the incorporation of healthy habits. Today, she is the founder of Yas Holistic Nutrition, with which she offers personalized nutritional support based on mental health state. 
Topic: comida antiinflamatoria y reversión de enfermedades.
Paula Dinaro (LinkedIn)
Quantum healing and spiritual awakening coach who took a life-turn after 20 years of experience as a creative, executive director. She is a professional Reiki practitioner and is licensed on Sanergía (Re-conective Healing). She also develops the method of corporal expression and meditation "Dynamic Meditation".
Topic: moving forward to be more enlightened every day.
Silvia Todorov (LinkedIn)
Life, hypnosis, NLP, and mindfulness meditation coach whose mission is to empower clients how to heal the past, shape the future and live more fully, right now. After ten years in the fashion industry, she began to explore alternative integrative modalities and techniques to manage personal limitations, anxiety and depression. 
Topic: true meditation and mindfulness
Success at  

Group sessions with targeted mentoring
On August 18th we held yet another succesful session of "The Mentoring Space". Our highly experienced mentors offered exclusive insights that they have gained along their careers. Attendees befitted in a large variety of ways as the explored the storytelling, entertainment, and communications fields.

Don't miss out on personalized advice and mentoring and sign up for upcoming sessions here!

Our guest speakers last session are professionals that specialize in the digitization of businesses. Don't be shy to contact them! Find their info below:

Claudia Rocafort | LinkedIn
Communications and entertainment professional, actress, speaker, spiritual facilitator, Certified Professional Coach, and  founder of Claudia Rocafort Coaching. She has had over 25 years of experience, worked in over 200 commercial campaigns, performed in Off-Broadway plays, and acted in various Television series and films. 
Topic: soaring, leading, and achieving our ultimate goals through the public speaking lense
Wendy Ruiz-Cofiño | LinkedIn
Tech entrepreneur, business development professional, digital strategy & transformation expert, and founder of MilknCookies. Along her professional career, Wendy has helped companies in their digital transformation process, improving the way they bring products and services to their audience, aligning business objectives, technology and customer experience.
Topic: Successful communications and personal branding


Yovanka Sanchez | LinkedIn
Renowned storyteller and founder of La Mariposa Films, a production company and story-telling studio focused on placing women at the center of each production and behind the scenes of real and fictional content. She was the face of the companies of largest Hispanic media such as Televisa, Univision, Telemundo by over 17 years.
Topic: The Power of Storytelling
Get your ticket for the next dates of the 2020 Mentoring Space on September 15, October 20, and November 17. Get your ticket here.
Enjoy diverse

for WE members, friends & community
We have carefully put together a list of resources that meet various needs and interests and we hope that you enjoy them!
#1 Expand Your Professional Credentials: Member Discounts on College Programs
  • Saint Kolbe's Master of Business Administration will start on Spetember 7, 2020. WE members have the chance to win up to a 50% scholarship! For more information, click here
#2 Chef Yas (LinkedIn): Reto Detox 1 de 7 Días 
  • Chef Yas, miembra WE, ofrece un reto genial si te sientes con inflamacion, pesadez,  o dolores de panza. Este Reto Detoz está diseñado para ayudarte a realizar algunos cambios para tu bienestar a partir de una buena alimentación rica y saludable. Para inscribirte y por mas información, haz click aquí. Por tips de como llevar una vida slaudable en la alimentación y más sigue a Chef Yas en instagram: @ChefYasMIA
#3 Underlinefit - Training Made Personal
  • 20% OFF for WE Members and Complementary 1st Session. Private Personal Training Center with a team of renowned international fitness and nutrition experts offering personal training at Underline Fit and the client's home.  Personal training programs are 100% customized with focus on planning for the results you want.  But just to provide you with peace of mind, we guarantee success - or your money back. Membership programs start at as low as $20 per 1-hour personal training session. To learn more, please click here. This Saturday 29th, there is a 9 am free yoga class only  for WE Members, courtesy Underline Fit. Capacity is limited; please confirm at
#4 Clarisa Eseiza (LinkedIn): Astrología Evolutiva 
  • Clarisa Eseiza, miembra WE, trabaja combinando la astrología y la psicología arquetípicas con mitos y tradiciones de sabiduría antigua. Te invita a explorar, con la guía de tu mapa natal, de qué modo te afecta personalmente este gran cambio evolutivo que estamos atravesando a nivel colectivo. Hay un 20% off para la comunidad WE! Contacta a Clarisa directamente a su email:
#5 Paula Dinaro (LinkedIn): Fortalece tu Luz Divina
  • Paula Dinaro, miembra Gold. Una Guerrera de la luz cuya Misión en estos momentos es ayudar fo artalecer esa Luz Divina en los seres humanos ofrece a las miembras WE un descuento entre un 20% y 50% en sus diversas sesiones. Contactala a traves de su email:
#5 Susana Alvarez Vitale (LinkedIn): CAE: Curso de Acompañamiento Espiritual
  • Susana Alvarez Vitale, directora del centro CEA y miembra WE Platinum, ofrece un curso para aquellas  que busquen un camino de transformación personal, ya sea al acompañar a otros o al atravesar personalmente la crisis. Para mas información, haz click aquí. El curso tomara lugar por zoom hasta proximo aviso. 
#6 Corina Cabello (LinkedIn): Taller Astro Salud
  • Corina Cabello, miembra WE, ofrece su taller "Astro Salud" para aprender cómo conocer tu área de vulnerabilidad en la salud a través de tu carta astral y tu potencial de sanacion. Para mas informacion, haz click aquí
#7 Books by our Members!
#8 María Cecilia Calderon (LinkedIn): Emme | Joyful Jewelry for Latina Moms
  • Emme offers handmade jewelry “for joyful latina moms”. WE Members have access to a 20% special discount on all items with the code: WEVOLUTION. For a touch of joy in your jewelry visit their website here

#9 Marcela Garcia Bonini (LinkedIn): The Pack Pets: FREE in-home dog training eval
  • WE Member Marcela Garcia Bonini, with her service, The Pack Pets, offers pet-keeping and training services to leave your pet on good hands while you are away.  WE Members get 10% off! They are also offering FREE in-home dog training evaluation. For more on their services and contact information click here
#10 Agustina Caminos (LinkedIn): Twin Hearts Meditation 
  • Agustina Caminos, Director Master Healer at Tierra Santa Healing House | Faena Miami Beach is offering Twin Heart Meditation sessions, which include LIVE Yoga & meditation, through a booking-based system. Sessions can be attended virtually or in-person on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays at 3pm, lasting from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Don't hesitate to join the zoom link at this times if you are interested! Reach out to Agustina through Instagram
#11 WE Evolution Instagram LIVE Interviews
  • Do you want to be the next guest speaker to use her power to empower? Contact us at to be the next interviewee of our IG LIVE! WE Evolution has had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing more than 40 women leaders on our Instagram LIVE @weevolution. All interviewees are WE members that trust, share, and support our mission. The interviews provide visibility to members and promote exchange and connection between them, strengthening our community through cross-networking. Visit @weevolution‘s IGTV to enjoy past interviews.
In honor of the

Benefit offered to 32 WE Members
On March 2020, we received the opportunity to experience the Kolbe A™️ assessment first hand, through Kolbe Certified Coach and WE member Angela De Sousa, ACC. The Kolbe A™️ assessment gives you greater understanding of your own problem-solving instincts and allows you to begin the process of maximizing your potential, both personally and professionally. A total of 32 Kolbe A™️ were given to our WE community members in partnership with Dynamic Growth CoachSulting during our Vital Voices Miami Mentorship Walk weekend, as it also coincided with Kolbe Strengths Week. It is our full intention to make this partnership a long-lasting one so that WE members may have more incredible growth opportunities like this one!

to WE Evolution
We are extremely happy to welcome Claudia Rostagno (LinkedIn), Director of Marketing and Communications at FedEx Latin America,  and Roberto Interiano (LinkedIn), partner at private equity, M&A advisory, and tech firms, to the WE Evolution Advisory Board. They have played a critical role in the process of shaping the current stance and future vision of WE Evolution. With their insightful advice and experience, we believe that WE Evolution's potential is limitless. Thank you for helping us become who we are!

help us grow!
Support our mission here
Por último, quería invitarte a hacer de esta red una plataforma poderosa para el empoderamiento de la mujer. ¡Para esto necesitamos duplicar nuestras miembras y beneficiarias! ¿Y quien mejor que tú como miembra para ayudarnos a regar la voz y traer a más mujeres a la mesa para que se conviertan en miembras donantes? ¡Corre la voz e invita a otras mujeres líderes a unirse a WE Evolution!
¡Aquellas que se conviertan en miembras antes del 28 de agosto de 2020 recibirán unos regalitos especiales de acuerdo con su nivel de membresía! Desde un Tote Bag #UseYourPowerToEmpower + un brazalete con un diseño WE único de My Jewelry Spot + hasta una copia del mi libro, Diario de una Mujer Vital.

Join the WE Evolution chat for the latest info and updates on our programs! Scan or upload this QR code using the WhatsApp camera to join this group.
Below, read through some our members' experiences with WEvolution & share with your friends and family a glimpse of what awaits them if they join us!
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