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The #1 remedy for exams & performance anxiety

Dear Friends,

Lycopodium, also known as "homeopath's cocaine", gives the feeling of being capable & confident, self-empowered and independent - being "on top".  This well-known homeopathic remedy can boost self-confidence, esteem and competence and motivates, naturally!

Lycopodium assists with anticipatory fears, concentration, confused thoughts, mental blocks, procrastination and hesitation, lack of self-belief and confidence - all of which are commonplace before exams, presentations, meetings, speeches, interviews and the like.  This remedy is great for any kind of performance anxiety.

Lycopodium is available in the Exam stress & performance anxiety formula - an easy-to-use mouth spray.

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To your good health!

Eugenie Rowson

HCG stimulating formula for weight loss support 

If you're on a good diet or weight loss programme but still struggling to lose weight, HCG can provide the boost your body needs to release that stored fat and shed those unwanted kilos - naturally. 

What is HCG?  

HCG is a naturally occurring protein-based hormone in the body which, if stimulated, will encourage the release of stored fat. It is also known to regulate metabolism, encourage emotional stability, improve sleep patterns, mental clarity and enhance energy.

Like all our products, the HCG stimulating formula is an electromagnetic solution in a mouth spray which is safe for adults - women and men, non toxic and is effective if used in conjunction with a good weight loss programme or diet. 

I recommend that you also use our Detox formula as well as our Muscle tone & support formula for optimal health.

Other weight loss support formulas include:

Colon cleanse formula
Thyroid regulation formula
Metabolism boost formula
Gut flora repair / probiotic formula 
Lymphatic drainage & support formula

NOTE: Choose the formula best suited to your body's needs.
Change of Season Trio +1 Pack - for allergies, hayfever and the like
 3 essential remedies for those who suffer from hayfever and allergies, especially during the change of season, plus a free remedy...
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Click here for more about Eugenie Rowson, founder of The Remedy Shoppe
Click here for more about Eugenie Rowson, British homeopath & Natural Health Practitioner, author of the popular self-help guide to homeopathy - There's a remedy for that! and founder of The Remedy Shoppe.

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