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Proof of the healing intelligence of nature

Dear friends,
Recently, we harvested a magnificent crop of cherry tomatoes from our veggie garden at home (organic and weedkiller-free - naturally!) I always try to keep some seeds from each crop for next years planting and over the years, have stored up quite an enviable (and jealously guarded) seed bank that I have been building up with as many GMO free seeds as I can get my hands on (for Doomsday of course!)  

I left a handful of the tomatoes on the windowsill to dry out and a week later when I found they weren't drying decided to speed up the process by piercing each tomato with a pair of scissors - this left a gaping "open wound" in each little tomato.  Two weeks later I checked to see if my tomatoes had dried and what I found absolutely astounded me!  Each little tomato was still round and reasonably healthy looking and had healed itself!  Where the scissor wound had been was now a brownish scar on each tomato.  An amazing feat of nature which our bodies are also capable of, and that's exactly what my remedies are designed to help with - to stimulate our God-given healing abilities; working with the body's genius ability to restore order. 

Here are a few of my formulas which are great for stimulating the healing of wounds, injuries and post op. recovery.

Bites, Stings & Puncture Wounds...

Injury Rescue Formula

Post-op / Surgery Support Formula

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Troubled by Warts?
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