Are you suffering from electro-pollution?... We all may be! Learn more about the ill-effects and how to assist the body in correcting these.
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We are all exposed to electro-pollution. Learn more on the ill-effects and how to assist your body with correcting this...

Are you suffering from electro-pollution?

Cellphones, common household appliances, electrical office equipment, laptops, power lines, cell phone towers, transformers, electrical pylons and electrical boxes, electrical substations, air flights, WiFi and other electrical equipment are all modern-day conveniences which all emit EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that work against the order of the body – which is an incredible electromagnetic system.

Electro-pollution will cause damage to the central nervous system resulting in symptoms of tiredness, stress, sleep disturbances, general malaise, irritability, weak immunity, brain fog, feeling lack-lustre, headaches, changes in blood chemistry, nausea, fatigue, vertigo, burning eyes, muscle aches & pains, insomnia, hair thinning, skin disorders, digestion disorders and many others 

In our technologically dependent world, electro-pollution is difficult to avoid… but you can support your body’s ability to correct this.  Available in an easy-to-use mouth spray, the
Electro-pollution antidote formula assists with the above symptoms by helping to correct harmful radiation of GAMMA rays, cellphones, microwaves, x-rays, electricity and more which accumulate in the body.

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