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for 10 fears & phobias

Happy New Year - a time that introduces new possibilities, room for change and reconciliation - a new start! There are so many positive aspects of a new year, but we aren't always so positive...

A new year can bring about many stressors and anxieties; many fears and phobias - which often have long tongue-twisting names! Here are a few of them, with some solutions ... There's always a remedy for that!

1: Chronophobia – fear of the unknown future; of running out of time
Feeling that we have insufficient time for the day's responsibilities or that our life is shortening rapidly are some fears that we experience under this phobia...
Here are some solutions:  Anxiety, worry & fears formula; Memory, concentration & mental clarity formula; Lycopodium*; Aspen(Bach)*; Argentum Nit*...

2: Atychiphobia, kakorrhaphiophobia – fear of failure: 
With a new year comes new chapters and challenges and self-doubt can be common.
Boost your confidence, and self-belief with these remedies:
Confidence & self-esteem boost formula; Elm (Bach); Larch (Bach); Gentian (Bach); Anxiety, worry & fears formula; Glynis Mackenzie’s Living on Purpose formula: Letting go of limiting beliefs...

3: Anthropophobia – fear of people or the company of people, a form of social phobia
Regardless of your age or environment, it’s never easy fit into a group and manage social pressures … 
Solutions: Confidence & self-esteem boost formula; Glynis Mackenzie’s Living on Purpose formula: Embodying self-belief, esteem & confidence; Anxiety, worry & fears formula; Mimulus (Bach); Walnut (Bach); Aconitum...

4: Atelophobia – fear of not being good enough; fear of imperfection
Solutions: Mimulus (Bach)Larch (Bach); Gentian (Bach); Confidence & self-esteem boost formula...

5: Decidophobia – fear of making decisions; hesitation; fear of making choices
Indecisiveness or second-guessing is another commonly occurring fear at this time of the year. You may start to feel you're not ready for change. This may be influenced by others, or simply by the realisation that change is right around the corner and fast approaching…These remedies will help to keep you on the path you’ve chosen - to keep calm and confident:
Calm, joy & golden light formula; Confidence & self-esteem boost formula; Anxiety, worry & fears formula; Scleranthus (Bach); Walnut (Bach)... 

6: Prosophobia – fear of progress
Solutions: Gentian (Bach); Pine (Bach); Anxiety, worry & fears formula...

7: Glossophobia – fear of speaking in public or of trying to speak
Solutions: Mimulus (Bach); Lycopodium; Confidence & self-esteem formula; Calm, joy & golden light formula; Exam stress & performance anxiety formula; Anxiety, worry & fears formula...

8: Gerascophobia – fear of growing old or aging
 Mimulus (Bach); Gentian (Bach), Sepia (especially during menopause)...

9: Metathesiophobia or Tropophobia – fear of moving on/away; fear of change:
Some solutions:  Walnut (Bach); Gina Hurley's Metal balance formula: Releasing & letting goAnxiety, worry & fears formula...

Common in KIDS:

10: Separation anxiety:
Many children starting/have started a new school or creche will experience separation anxiety; moms may also be tearful when letting go of their little ones... The Separation anxiety formula will help your child to be confident, independent and positive about this new exciting chapter, and will ease mom's sadness and fears.

*NOTE: For more info on remedies suggested below, please click on that remedy or refer to Eugenie Rowson's Self-help guide to Homeopathy - There's a remedy for that!.

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Here's to your wellbeing in 2016,

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