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Remedies for coughs, colds and more

Coughs? Colds? Problem solved!

"Sick and tired" of being sick and tired?  Why not opt for drugless, healthy alternatives to antibiotics, antihistamines and the like. Clinical medicines only aim to suppress / conceal symptoms  and give nasty side effects, causing your body's immune system to drop and eventually allow illness to return, with a vengeance.  Avoid the endless cycle of courses of meds, doctors visits and sleepless nights by using natural remedies which aim to prevent, cure and boost your general health and well-being.

Here are a few solutions:

Cold, flu & viral infection formula: Use this formula at the first sign of colds, flu and any viral infection to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. Can also be taken as a prophylactic (preventative) to strengthen immunity and resistance to colds, flu and viral infections. 

The Cold, flu & viral infection formula can be used in conjunction with these formulas to ensure fast, optimal healing - choose those formula/s with the descriptions that best match your symptoms:

Sinusitis, rhinitis & post-nasal drip formula: This formula helps to relieve symptoms associated with blocked and infected sinuses, rhinitis (runny nose), congestion and postnasal drip, as well as severe pain in the sinus and facial area (brows, around eyes, cheekbones). Symptoms may be accompanied by sneezing, nasal discharge and sore throat.

Cough formula - dry: Helps to ease a spasmodic, painful, tight burning chest, where it may be difficult to cough up phlegm. Chest may feel tight and constricted, accompanied by an irritating dry cough. Cough may also be described as hard, raspy, wracking, hacking, tight or tickling.

Cough formula - wet, phlegmy: This formula assists by producing an efficient rhythmic cough by relieving a phlegmy, rattling cough. Phlegm may rattle in the chest and be difficult to cough up. Respiratory tract may be overloaded with mucus, with a tendency to swallow or desire to spit out mucus after coughing. Phlegmy cough may also be described as loose, gagging, choking, noisy, explosive, tenacious or difficult to raise.

Tonsillitis & sore throat formula: Relieves symptoms associated with tonsillitis and sore throat, such as severe pain, inflammation and infection, fever, enlarged tonsils, difficult swallowing, loss of appetite - these may be accompanied by swollen glands, runny nose, earache and other cold and flu symptoms.

Earache, inflammation & infection formula: For symptoms of earache and ear infection, which may be accompanied by severe pain, inflammation and/or discharge from the ears. Assists with blocked Eustachian tubes, glue ear, and all ear troubles. Ears may be blocked, with throbbing noises and deafness, possibly accompanied by fever. Excruciating pain and infection of the middle and /or outer ear. Ear infection may also be accompanied by glandular swelling.

Glandular pain, inflammation & disorders formula: This formula gently eases symptoms of glandular pain and inflammation, including sore throat, swollen glands, chronic tonsilitis, swollen lymph glands in the groin and under the arms. This formula encourages lymphatic drainage, allowing the lymphatic system to function optimally.

Give your health a boost daily:

Immunity support formula: A high-potency immune booster to support and stimulate all areas of wellbeing, boost resistance to illness and strengthen the immune system.

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