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The Remedy Shoppe - March 2013
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Eugenie Rowson

March 2014

Author: There's a remedy for that!
Founder: The Remedy Shoppe
Health Practitioner
About Eugenie Rowson

Dear friends,

Overcome the weather blues

After experiencing the heaviest rains in fourteen years, we know how Noah must have felt!  I've recently watched a You Tube video clip of some poor lady stepping into a huge pot hole in the middle of a busy Johannesburg road and almost drowned in it!  For us soggy South Africans and those elsewhere in the world who are sick and tired of bad weather, my SAD formula for Seasonal Affective Disorder will bring the sunshine back into your life!
See below under Featured Ailment and Formula

There's a remedy for that!

My book, There's a remedy for that! has been sadly out of stock for the past two years but now, great news! A lovely person in Cape Town has miraculously unearthed a few boxes of the book which we thought had been lost in transit forever!  I know so may of you have been hunting for a copy - please don't delay with your order - stock is limited.

This book is " A simple self-help guide to the use of homeopathic medicine for every day ailments." Every health conscious needs one.
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To your happiness and good health!

What's news?

Our Signature Range

Glynis Mackenzie's Living on Purpose™ formulas:

Introducing to you another of Glynis' specialised formulas which together we have developed from a combination of homeopathics, minerals, flower and crystal essences. An opportunity for each of us to clean out the closet.

De-cluttering my life on all levels formula

"In order to be all that you want to be and to achieve all that you want to achieve, you need to be free of any clutter which gets in your way. This formula is designed to support you to clear out whatever is cluttering up your life and no longer serving you well."


De-cluttering formula from Glynis Mackenzie's Living on Purpose formulas, Signature Range, The Remedy Shoppe. Shop online for worldwide mail delivery

Homeopathy to Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine has evolved from our clear understanding of homeopathic medicine, but it is not the same.

For hundreds of years homeopathic medicine has been made by taking an original substance from nature and leaving it to soak in an alcohol & water solution.
The physical substance was then filtered out and the alcohol & water solution retained. This was then diluted over and over again (sometimes hundreds, even thousands of times) and shaken vigorously between dilutions. In fact the solution becomes so dilute that nothing of the physical substance remains and yet the remedy is able to stimulate the body towards healing!

How is this possible? Because the vibration of the original (and often powerful) substance is transferred through the diluting and shaking process to the alcohol & water solution. Brilliant!

Homeopathic medicine is therefore electromagnetic by nature - NOT chemical, molecular or physiological.

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There's a remedy for that!

Eugenie Rowson's title There's a remedy for that!, a self-help guide to homeopathy, is now available from The Remedy Shoppe retail outlet at 24 Pipers Road, Douglasdale, Johannesburg or online at
Note: Limited stock is available. Order your copy while stocks last!


Change of Heart Special Offer

30% off any THREE
Bach Flower remedies
- valid to 15 Mar '14.

Value Added Discount not applicable.




The Lower back pain formula works!

I have been experiencing really bad lower back pain and started taking the Lower back pain formula two days ago, and can now stand up and move around with much much less pain!! Another few days, and I’ll be pain free. Thank you Eugenie and The Remedy Shoppe!

Suzanne Martin


Dear Genie, 

The remedy for sore/itchy eyes that you prescribed for my house helper’s son is working like a charm!  He had been suffering with these swollen, itchy sore eyes for over a week, and had been to the clinic and not received any effective help.  The morning after he began taking your remedy, he woke up with his eyes gummed together and a rash appearing around his eyes.  Obviously everything was being expelled from his body.  The next day his eyes were markedly better and today there’s only a trace of any problem left.
I’m sure by tomorrow it’ll be gone.

In addition to the remedy, Sarah now knows about the dangers of GM foods, and is trying to stop feeding him mealie meal.  

We are all so grateful to you for your help – once again!

With much love, 




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Featured Ailment & Formula


SAD formula for Season Affective Disorder

For optimism, hope, enthusiasm, joy for life and enjoyment of physical expression. Heals depression and helps you feel calm and nurtured. Removes a soggy, down-trodden feeling. Restores a sunshiny disposition, whatever the weather!

Comprises of the vibration of Aurum, Flannel Flower, Wild Rose, Red Suva Frangipani and Sunshine Wattle.

For the price of a single remedy, shop online for the SAD formula. Delivery worldwide.





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