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The Remedy Shoppe -  17 April 2014

Eugenie Rowson

April 2014

Author: There's a remedy for that!
Founder: The Remedy Shoppe
Health Practitioner
About Eugenie Rowson


Dear friends,

Seasons come and seasons go!

Spring is sprung in the northern hemisphere and Autumn's here in the south.  This Easter I've featured a combination of remedies to assist you with so many Change of Season ailments for wherever you are in the world. You may also want to take advantage of our special Change of Season Trio +1 Pack (at 20% off), which of course can be taken for prevention (a couple of times daily) to prevent disorders such as Hayfever, sinusitis, colds, flu, viral infections, etc. It's always best to be proactive and prepared.
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Eugenie speaks up for homeopathy live to Talk Radio 702's approx. 800 000 listeners

As usual, efforts to discredit homeopathy continue unabated.  In response to a recent Australian report on the supposed placebo effect of homeopathy, I was interviewed by Xolani Gwala of Talk Radio 702 this Tues 15th April.
Listen to the podcast for this brief live interview here
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Wishing you and your loved ones a very blessed Easter.

With love,

The only cure for sickness, is health!

Signature Range

Glynis Mackenzie's Living on Purpose™ formulas:

Introducing another of Glynis' great formulas which together we have developed from a combination of homeopathics, minerals, flower and crystal essences

Attracting Abundance formula

This formula will help you to release inherited patterns of expecting scarcity and poverty; reduce general and specific fears of vulnerability, deprivation and lack and much more...


Homeopathy to Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine has evolved from our clear understanding of homeopathic medicine.  For hundreds of years homeopathic medicine has been made using an original substance from nature and diluting this over again (sometimes hundreds, even thousands of times) and shaken vigorously between dilutions. This solution becomes so dilute that nothing of the physical substance remains and yet the remedy is able to stimulate the body towards healing!

How is this possible? Because the vibration of the original (and often powerful) substance is transferred through the diluting and shaking process to the alcohol & water solution. Brilliant!

Homeopathic medicine is therefore electromagnetic by nature - NOT chemical, molecular or physiological.

Eugenie talks about PAIN on SABC Radio SAfm

Eugenie talks with Shado Twala of SABC Radio SAfm (105.1fm). Topic of discussion:
Pain & self-help homeopathy. 
If you missed this live interview, here's the podcast (recording):


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There's a remedy for that!

Eugenie Rowson's best-seller title There's a remedy for that!, is an excellent self-help guide to homeopathy and is available from The Remedy Shoppe retail outlet at 24 Pipers Road, Douglasdale, Johannesburg or online at:





I was suffering from an extreme reaction to the flu shot. After 4 days of migraines, chills and nausea I visited Eugenie with the hope of finding a solution to the unbearable and altogether debilitating pain. Less than 24 hours later I had completely recovered. Being a sceptic prior to my visit, I can now confidently recommend her remedies to others who are tired of the unhelpful and more than likely harmful medicine that is readily prescribed... 

James Dawson


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Featured Ailment & Formula


Change of Season Trio +1 Pack

at 20% off until 15th May 2014

Three essential remedies for those who suffer from hayfever and allergies, especially during the change of season, plus a free remedy...

Sinusitis, rhinitis & post nasal drip formula
This highly effective formula helps to relieve symptoms associated with blocked and infected sinuses, rhinitis (runny nose), congestion and postnasal drip, as well as severe pain in the sinus and facial area (brows, around eyes, cheekbones). Symptoms may be accompanies by sneezing, nasal discharge and sore throat.

Allergies & hayfever formula
Helps to relieve all symptoms associated with allergies and hayfever, such as sneezing; puffy, scratchy or streaming eyes; blocked or runny nose; sore throat, headaches and tiredness. Helps to improve a person’s tolerance to allergens/irritants in the environment, especially during the change of season. By stimulating a person’s vital force and restoring balance, this formula encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms and restores harmony to the body.

Cold, flu & viral infection formula
Take at the first sign of colds, flu and any viral infection to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. Can also be taken as a prophylactic to strengthen immunity and resistance to colds, flu and viral infections.

FREE GIFT: Aconitum
The first remedy for colds and flu; also helps to relieve stress and anxiety; backache; cold, runny nose & hayfever; coughs and sore throats.



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