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The Remedy Shoppe -  June 2014

Eugenie Rowson

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June 2014

Author: There's a remedy for that!
Founder: The Remedy Shoppe
Natural Health Practitioner
About Eugenie Rowson

Impetigo healed
8 days
WITHOUT an antibiotic!

Mainstream (clinical) medicine
teaches that Impetigo is a highly contagious skin infection that is caused by both strep and staph bacteria entering the skin through a broken area, such as
a cut. Antibiotics are given and
will clear it within 5 - 10 days.

Natural medicine/ homeopathy/ Eugenie's Vibrational Medicine 
recognises that these bacteria
live in us all the time and only multiply where there is possible injury and always a weak
immune system
. Therefore,
taking an antibiotic does NOT
correct the true disorder
(because it only kills bacteria) 
and will undoubtedly contribute 
to further disorders such as
candida, digestion problems
and further weakness to the 
immune system...

Impetigo BEFORE 
our remedies


"My child's Impetigo has
healed in just 8 days after
using your Impetigo formula,
Immunity Support formula

and Antibacterial formula 
WITHOUT an antibiotic!
We're so pleased that you
helped us and we didn't resort
to conventional treatments.
Thank you Genie!"...

Impetigo AFTER 
our remedies:


Dear friends,

Slavery to medical bills?

Alex Jay of Highveld Radio told us recently that 62% of all cases of personal bankruptcy that occurred in the USA in 2013 were due to medical bills! To my mind, this is absolutely ludicrous and another crazy fact is that by now, most South Africans' medical aid allowances for the year are be drying up, or freezing over just in time for the bitter pill of winter. 

Ten years ago, my husband and I were quoted R7 500 (£450) per month for medical aid cover for our family of two adults and five children. Instead, we opted for a basic hospital plan of approx. R2 000 (£120) per month and I subsequently self-treated our whole family for all our ailments since then with my own range of remedies at a cost of approx. R500 (£30) per month. This totals approx. R5 000 (£300) per month x 120 months (10 years) representing a massive savings at (2004's rate!)  of R600 000 (£35 300) which we have wisely invested!

Why opt for slavery to medical bills and possible bankruptcy if you have the healthy alternative of saving a lot of precious money and your health with Vibrational Medicine. Evolved from my knowledge and expertise in homeopathy, this original, unprecedented and revolutionary system of self-help medicine provides the world with a desperately needed, comprehensive and innovative self-help alternative which is a simple, affordable, powerful, non-toxic, safe and highly effective way to overcome hundreds of ailments - without harm (to your body or your bank account!)

Learn more about the self-help treatment of colds and flu and get started right away with our great range of formulas available to you this winter.  For those in the northern hemisphere, perhaps our Sunburn & sunstroke formula might be more suitable (hopefully).

Read more

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To your happiness and good health!

The only cure for sickness, is health!

Signature Range


Gina Hurley's Reflexology Support formulas

Together, Eugenie and Gina Hurley, a South African born and British registered Reflexologist & Meridian Therapist practising in England, have developed some exciting new formulas which are an amazing tool to help correct the root cause of various mental, emotional and physical disorders. As with all of Eugenie's unique mouth spray formulas, these are made using the electromagnetic frequency of homeopathics, minerals, flower essences and crystals.

Which type are you?...

Wood Balancing formula
- Restoring calm & flexibility

Imbalances occur when Wood types eat too much unhealthy food (fried, greasy, high-fat), drink too much alcohol, take too much over the counter medicines or prescription medicines, don’t exercise, have chronic stress and don’t express their anger and frustration properly, which results in these emotions being repressed...

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Glynis Mackenzie's Living on Purpose™ formulas:

Introducing another of Glynis' great formulas which together, Eugenie and Glynis have developed using the electromagnetic frequency of a combination of popular homeopathics, minerals, flower essences and crystals

Enhancing Relaxation, Calm and Focus formula

Being able to relax, restore and recharge your mind, body and spirit enables you to better manage ongoing pressures and to create a more balanced lifestyle. Contemplation and calming yourself are some of the greatest tools available to you to counteract tension and stress, to improve your health and well-being and to increase awareness, productivity and creativity in all areas of your life...

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Homeopathy to Vibrational Medicine 
- candles to light bulbs!

Homeopathy’s highly diluted medicine is often poorly explained and therefore grossly misunderstood because for so long, it has been believed that the efficacy of homeopathy rests with the minute physical substance that remains in the medicine. This is wrong. We know that everything in existence pulsates or vibrates at its own frequency and each substance used to make a homeopathic remedy has its own electromagnetic frequency. We also know that science has confirmed that a highly diluted homeopathic remedy actually holds the frequency of the original substance. Homeopathic medicine is therefore NOT physiological in nature, but electromagnetic! Homeopathic medicine is a POWERFUL ELECTROMAGNETIC MEDICINE, not a weak physiological, chemical, molecular or placebo medicine. Just as we have progressed from “candles to light bulbs” - evolving from her knowledge and expertise in homeopathy Eugenie Rowson has created a similar, yet unprecedented and revolutionary electromagnetic system of medicine.  Her Vibrational Medicine carries the electromagnetic design or “signature” of an original substance which, like homeopathic medicine, acts as a catalyst to stimulate (as opposed to suppress) symptoms which are recognised as the body’s necessary efforts to bring itself back to order and balance. Established in 2004 as a family run business, Eugenie Rowson’s Vibrational Medicine offers an extensive range of unique mouth spray remedies which is available online at The Remedy Shoppe or through their retail outlet in Johannesburg, and provides the world with a desperately needed, comprehensive and innovative self-help system of healing medicine that is a simple, affordable, powerful, non-toxic, safe and highly effective way to overcome hundreds of ailments - without harm.

Chicken pox outbreak!

We have been inundated with requests for help with Chicken Pox - our Chicken pox formula is excellent for the prevention and healing of all related symptoms. 

Recommended with the above formula :

Immunity support formula

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Exam stress

Don't let your loved ones battle. We recommend the following combination to get them through these tough times:

Exam stress & performance anxiety formula

Memory, concentration & mental clarity formula

Sleep easy formula

Available from The Remedy Shoppe retail outlet at 24 Pipers Road, Douglasdale, Johannesburg or online at:

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Pet Range

Here are a few of our most popular...

Allergy & skin disorders formula,
Abscess & boils formula,
Dental troubles formula,
Gas & digestion formula,
Grief & pining formula,
Rescue & calm formula,
Separation anxiety formula,
Stiffness & joint pain formula,
Wounds & sores formula,
Worms & parasites formula

All other remedies from our extensive range can also be given to your pets - cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, horses... Spray onto gums, onto food or into the drinking water.

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Dear The Remedy Shoppe 

I can't believe how well the Colic & reflux formula is working - my baby has not brought up milk since we started using it.

Thanks so much.



Hello The Remedy Shoppe

My order arrived amazingly quickly! You are so efficient Thank you! Thank you!!

With appreciation,

Broerderstroom, Gauteng


Contact Us

Visit us at:

24 Pipers Road, Douglasdale, Johannesburg

Trading hours:
Mon - Fri : 9am - 4pm
Sat, Sun & P/hols : CLOSED

Tel: +27 (0)76 410 8262


For worldwide mail delivery:


We recycle our bottles!

Please bring in your old remedy bottles to The Remedy Shoppe or to Eugenie's practice - help us to do a good thing. Thank you

Featured Ailment & Formula


Winter Trio +1 Pack 

at 20% off until 15th July 2014

Three essential remedies to protect your family against colds and flu this winter, plus a free remedy... 

Cold, flu & viral infection formula
Take at the first sign of colds, flu or any viral infection to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. Can also be taken as a prophylactic to strengthen immunity and prevent colds, flu and viral infections.  Start taking at first signs of cold / flu to nip it in the bud. Also helpful for cough, croup, fever, loss of voice, runny nose, hayfever, eye inflammation, sore throat.

Tonsillitis & sore throat formula
Helps to relieve symptoms associated with tonsillitis and sore throat, such as severe pain, inflammation and infection, fever, enlarged tonsils, difficult swallowing, loss of appetite. May be accompanied by swollen glands, runny nose, earache and other cold and flu symptoms.

Earache, inflammation & infection formula
For symptoms of earache and ear infection, which may be accompanied by severe pain, inflammation and/or discharge from the ears. Assists with blocked Eustachian tubes, glue ear, and all ear troubles. Ears may be blocked, with throbbing noises and deafness, possibly accompanied by fever. Excruciating pain and infection of the middle and /or outer ear. Ear infection may also be accompanied by glandular swelling.

FREE GIFT: Cough formula – wet, phlegmy
Assists by producing an efficient rhythmic cough by relieving a phlegmy, rattling cough. Phlegm may rattle in the chest and be difficult to cough up. Respiratory tract may be overloaded with mucus, with a tendency to swallow or desire to spit out mucus after coughing. Phlegmy cough may also be described as loose, gagging, choking, noisy, explosive, tenacious or difficult to raise. 



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