Spotlight on PETS

All of our remedies are safe and effective for all ages, even pets!

Between January and February 2016, we are putting the spotlight on our furry, feathery and even scaly friends, with particular focus on cats and dogs.

Treat your pets naturally for skin (including mange), digestion, liver, kidney, lymphatic, pancreatic and dental disorders, teething troubles, emotional disorders (including separation anxiety, grief, pining, shock, panic, aggression, agitation, depression, loquacity, confidence...), diabetes, joint pain and inflammation (arthritis), allergies, worms & parasites (including fleas and ticks), spinal weaknesses, car sickness, kennel cough, UTI, candida/yeast infections, injury, many viruses (including parvo and others), and many other common infections or disorders.

Probiotics, vaccination support, whelping support, weaning support and weight control remedies also available.

Remedies for all the above can be found under our Symphony Range -

For the most pet common ailments, see our PET RANGE
Save on vet bills and keep your pets happy and healthy!

Here's to your pet's wellbeing in 2016,

Eugenie Rowson & The Remedy Shoppe

Pet Allergy & skin disorders formula

Helps to relieve all symptoms associated with allergies and allergic skin disorders such as sneezing; streaming eyes, itchy, allergic skin rashes, redness and inflammation of the skin, persistent and severe itching. This formula helps to improve the animal...

Pet Separation anxiety formula

Vibrational Medicine has many effective remedies to ease emotional dis-ease - gently and without any side effects. Pets may experience separation anxiety, exhibit distress and behaviour problems when they're left alone. This formula contains an electromagentic solution of vibrational remedies known to assist with fear or anxiety about separation which leads to distress and behaviour problems when the animal is separated from its loved ones. Will also help to calm a young puppy or kitten that has been taken from its mother...


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