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Rang Tang Ding Dong, <<First Name>>

Ooowee! I am both relieved and excited. At long last, I have some video for you. You get to see my try at last week’s experiment. It was a ton of wordless fun. These experiments are great self-administered eye-openers. Who’s going to join me!? A bigger sample size exponentializes the goodness.

My friend says I never met a camera I didn’t like. Won’t argue. I'm eager to kick off an extended video party.

Big, celebratory shouts-out to new subscribers who may be seeing this for the first time. 

And a question for everyone: Do you know someone that has had an epiphany in their life? A real juicy one? If so, put them in touch with me. Those stories thrill me. I need to share.

Serving Up New Perspectives By The Barrel


Last week, I encouraged you to go mute and try communicating. To see how it changes the way you look at language, etc. I had a go at it. Ended up being a bit of party game, but no less interesting. Here’s my take on it.


When I was in high school, I wore all sorts of pins. My favorite was one I made myself. It was a chicken bone - dried and shellacked - glued to a safety pin. Tough, right? Oh, I was a bad ass. I don’t know what it was, but that bone pin said something about me that I wanted to be said. Now, I need a do-over. And you need the experience. Make your boutonniere. One that’s personal, provocative, and expressive. Film characters are allowed. Ready? Go.


VR is exploding, in the public and private sector. It’s giving us a window we’ve never looked through before. (And, in an unusual twist, a new appreciation for sound.)  But different can be dangerous. According to The New Yorker, “The power of V.R. to induce particular kinds of emotions could be used deliberately to cause suffering”. Holy smokes. Where is this going? 


Being a Russian tech billionaire has its perks. But Yuri Milner’s not content with the status quo. With Stephen Hawking, his Breakthrough Initiatives seek to revolutionize space travel and communication. One of them, Starshot, will send tiny probes — via an enormous bank of lasers which bounce off metal sails in space — to Alpha Centauri in only 20 years. What’s even more amazing? This huge beacon of light can be seen by our extraterrestrial neighbors. Which could invite a very unusual knock on our planetary door.


If you’re like me, whiling away an afternoon in a small bookstore (yes, they still exist) is definitely a good time. I get a thrill out of discovering hard-to-find books. But some people like it for other reasons. They adore the old book smell. As if it had pheromones. Lucky for them, that aged tome aroma has been bottled as perfume. So you can attract other bibliophiles, natch.


It’s hard to imagine visiting Her Majesty’s Prison High Down, a high security jail incarcerating murderers, rapists, and drug dealers, when you’d like a gourmet meal. But that’s what makes this culinary twist of criminal rehabilitation so extraordinary. Here, and at three other UK prisons, The Clink Charity has introduced “a dining experience delivering change”. It’s staffed by prisoners working towards employment in the UK hospitality industry upon release. How refined! Maybe they can tackle hospital food next.


For most, music that sounds like it’s coming from underwater is a turn-off. But that may change. AquaSonic is made up of five performers who submerge themselves in glass water tanks to play custom-made instruments and sing entirely underwater. Challenging paradigms with submerged music performance is notable by itself. But the music, too, is melodic, resonant, and eerily evocative. Dive in.

Experiment photo via fjmdmkate | What screengrab via Karl&RenateVR | Who photo via Breakthrough Initiatives  How gif via | Where photo by The Clink Restaurant | Treats screengrab via Between Music

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