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October 2019
Shifting Terrain
News update from the Eco Shamanism camp
Compass Rose of Provence Winds - how weather shifts our terrains
We are all experiencing shifting terrains, in many different ways, individually and collectively. Mandy explains about the new Eco Shamanism year course that starts this coming Thursday 3rd October which has this same title - Shifting Terrain. Jane (land and rivers) relates how myth-taken we are and Freya (plants) is offering a handle on herbs with an Autumn Fire Cider making session in November.
Firstly a quick update - the next Shamanic Sundays is on Sunday 3rd November so there is no meeting in October as Mandy will be busy running the new Eco Shamanism year course 'Shifting Terrain' at Ragmans Farm . . . there are still some last minute spaces available and, due to a generous donation, a bursary place has become available. Email me here if you are interested in joining us.

Later in November there are two day workshops both in Gloucestershire, one is an Introduction to Eco Shamanism at Millers Farm on Sat 2nd and the other a Learn the Shaman's Journey day at the Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham on Sat 30th. 

The next Eco Shamanism Practitioner Training Course starts in October 2020 and further details are now on the website. The course has been extended to just under two years and has two extra modules.
Shifting Terrain
Mandy explains the relevance of Shifting Terrains in Eco Shamanism
I am excited to start a new year long course in Eco Shamanism this coming Thursday 3rd October. It's title is Shifting Terrain . . . because it is about perception and perspective. Terrain means the landscape, land or geography. The word comes from the Latin word 'terra' which translates to 'earth'. Shifting Terrain is about how our Earth changes and specifically how we can shift our perceptions and perspectives of this process. Core to Eco Shamanism is the belief that we are our Earth, we are made of, and originate from, the land we live on and with so the way it changes is a reflection of us and we are a reflection of it. Our first weekend is focussing on 'dreaming' which is often lumped into the general medley of images we experience at night. However, dreaming in Eco Shamanism has a much wider panorama and we will delve into practises such as 'daydreaming' which we consider to be pertinent to the immediate shaping of our reality, or terrain.

Subsequent weekends will offer new perceptions of weather, language and micro intelligence. Our literal and physical terrains, or land masses, can shape the weather. An example would be winds such as the Mistral in France or the local eddies and swirls that shift the air around our houses and gardens. With language we may track through the name of the Mistral which literally means 'master wind'. The photo of the compass rose above shows the names of all the winds local to Provence in France and the directions from which they arrive. We may dream on or of a weather pattern . . . and the words that arrive with it . . . which brings us to eco linguistics. This is how the words we choose to describe our environment (eco) affects our experience of it - we rarely say "What a glorious day" when it's raining cats and dogs . . and what does 'raining cats and dogs' really mean? Our other area of investigation will be Micro-Intelligence - there is often a perception of the 'smaller' areas of life as being not worthy of our consideration yet when we look at how ancient and shapeshifting micro organisms such as bacteria really are, and how they organise en masse, we begin to see that their size belies a bewildering level of intelligence.

Each time we shift our terrain we shift our perceptions. Each time we shift our perceptions we shift our terrain. Do join us if you are interested in unhinging your view of our Earth, and yourself . . .

Shifting Terrain bursary place available - due to a generous donation we have a bursary place on offer to anyone who would like to come along but may not have sufficient income to cover the cost of the course - email Mandy here to find out more.

. . . Mandy
Mist enveloping tree or tree breathing mist
Jane tells a story
Powerful images and words are reaching our eyes and ears during these extra ordinary times. Like the great myths they are multi layered with meaning and contain ancient archetypes and teachings.

There was a great storm on the night that the new leader of this land came to power, one that was spoken about across the world. Lightning lit up the skies for many hours and there was talk of an important date, the cusp of the Celtic year - 31st October. Meanwhile a 16 year old heroine with pigtails travels across the ocean in a sailing boat with an important message and powerful men try to ignore her. Fate intervenes and paths cross, and it is she who has the upper hand and it is caught on camera.

Back home there is fury when parliament is closed, is it legal? The people are disenchanted by the system, in this age of information and disinformation we do not know who we can trust. On the day that the Sun goes into Libra, the sign of truth, justice and fair play, a white haired woman wearing a black dress with a huge white spider brooch on her right shoulder rules that the closing of parliament is not legal. There is the word Treason, our Queen was told some lies.
Fuel for the coming fires
If someone wrote all this down in a story it would seem far fetched and fanciful. Whatever our personal politics, there is no doubt that the current political systems across the world are failing us and our beautiful planet. Am I myth taken in my sense that it is the young ones that we can trust, and that we need to protect and support them in this, a hero /heroines journey? Seeing events in this way also helps me to make sense of what is going on, to find my role in the unfolding story more clearly, which is and will forever be: to work to enchant our land. We have seen that through our dreaming and pilgrimage work this often helps - to re-enchant the people who live on (and with) the land, a grassroots movement, politics from the ground up! For at the end of the days we need clean air, water and soil in order for our world to thrive and survive. The clock is ticking . . . Jane
Hands on Herbal
Freya offers a Hands-on-Herbal session in November
Fire ciders made on the Plant Eco Shamanism course in 2018

Here is news of a new Hands-on-Herbal session Freya is offering in November at Ragmans Farm in Gloucestershire. There will be more seasonal sessions throughout next year.

Winter Tonic - Fire Cider

Would you like to know how to make a winter tonic using roots and herbs? I will be offering a morning session on Sunday 10th November where we will make Fire Cider - a generic name given to a fiery brew of roots, herbs and cider vinegar. It's a warming winter tonic that helps us fight off colds.

I want to support people to help themselves to health and well being through connecting with plants and creating plant based remedies. Hands-on-Herbals are practical sessions where you will make remedies to take home and use. We will work seasonally and where possible harvest wild plants as part of this process. Freya

Venue: Ragmans Lane Farm, Gloucestershire in the Wye Valley

Sunday 10th November
10.30am - 1pm

£20 includes ingredients

Teas and coffee provided.

Book here on Mandy's website.

Full details of what you need to bring will be provided once your booking is received.

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Eco Shamanism Course Shifting Terrain - starts 3rd October at Ragmans Farm, Glos
Eco Shamanism day workshop - Sat 2nd November at Millers Farm, Glos
Shamanic Sundays - 3rd November, Millers Farm, Forest of Dean
Hands-on-Herbals - 10th November, Ragmans Farm, Glos
Learn the Shamans Journey - Sat 30th November at Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham 
Eco Shamanism Course/Training - starts 8th October 2020 at Ragmans Farm, Glos
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