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Welcome to the first issue fo the PESSIS II Newsletter!

This publications is an initiative of the project consortium to provide continuos information on PESSIS II activities and deliverables.
The project, funded by the European Commission’s Programme on Industrial Relations and Social Dialogue, runs from November 2013 to December 2014. It brings together  8 European and 5 national organisations representing social and health service providers with the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU).

It is the follow up of the project PESSIS and represents the second step of a longer term process aiming at establishing a representative platform for employers in the social services sector at European level. For more information about the project, please visit the PESSIS II project section in the Social Services Europe website.
  • Seminar on Social Dialogue at European Level  5 June 2014 - Brussels
  • Mid-term project meeting                                     6 June 2014 - Brussels
  • Project Final Conference                                       23 September 2014 - Brussels
KICK-OFF MEETING, 14-15 January 2014
The two days meeting marked the official start of the PESSIS II project. On 14-15 January all partners met at the EPR office, in Brussels, to discuss and agree on the project manual and on the methodology to be used to establish capacity-building with stakeholders in the selected.
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ACTION 1: Extending the research on social dialogue in the social and health sector to Eastern, Central, South and Scandinavian countries
Action 1 of the PESSIS 2 project is to research more country case studies to explore how social dialogue is operating in the social services sector at national and local level. The PESSIS 2 project defines the term social dialogue as “A dialogue between management and labour”.  Five country case studies are being researched in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania and Poland.  Each country has a slightly different history of social services,  In several countries the development of the social services sector is fairly recent.
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ACTION 2: Establishing capacity-building with stakeholders in 5 selected countries and discussion on possibilities for European Social Dialogue
Focus Group in Austria, 3 March 2014

The Focus Group which took place in Austria on 3 March led to a very interesting, intense discussion with participants from one of the biggest employers´ association of collective bargaining agreements in the social sector in Austria. The Sozialwirtschaft Österreich collective bargaining agreement applies for more than 100.000 employees in the Austrian social sector and has 260 member organisations. The Focus Group brought together 6 executives of Sozialwirtschaft Österreich who work on collective bargaining in Austria, together with the other members of Sozialwirtschaft Österreich.
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Focus Group in Belgium, 13 March 2014

In the frame of the second phase of the PESSIS 2 project, the Union of Social-Profit Enterprises (UNIPSO) has organised, for Belgium, the first focus group meeting on social dialogue in the social profit sector. This focus group took place on 13 March 2014 in Brussels and gathered a dozen representatives of employers from various social services sectors (support and housing for people with disabilities, hospitals, home care services, day care for children, youth help services...). This meeting, moderated by François Daue, triggered great enthusiasm among the participants to reflect on social dialogue in the social profit sector, from a national as well as regional point of view, but also at interprofessional, sectoral and employer's level.
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Focus Group in the Netherlands, 24 March 2014

On 24t March 2014, around 10 representatives of employers' associations (VGN, Dutch Association of Healthcare Providers for People with Disabilities,  and Actiz, Dutch association for residential and home care organizations and infant and child health clinics), trade unions (CNV Publieke Zaak, NU' 91 and Abva/Kabo), a researcher (CAOP) and the Secretary-General of EASPD were brought together for the Dutch Focus Group meeting. After an introduction on the results and aims of PESSIS 2, the participants focused on the SWOT analysis of the Social Dialogue for the sector at national, sectoral and organisational level.
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Focus Group in Germany, 26 March 2014

The Focus Group in Germany was launched on 26 March 2014 and organised by AWO (Arbeiterwohlfahrt) and IAT (Institut Arbeit und Technik Gelsenkirchen). The meeting brought together relevant German employers of social services organisations. On the basis of the SWOT-analysis on the structures of social dialogue in the social services sector in Germany, presented by IAT, the participants then discussed the potentials of an organised social dialogue for the sector. As a result, they highlighted the need to focus on issues of common interest (e. g. recruiting and retaining workforce, workplace design) in order to overcome the fragmentation, which is characteristic of the German social services sector.
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Focus Group and Roundtable in France, 27 February and 1 April 2014

FEGAPEI, responsible partner for the PESSIS 2 project in France, organised a focus group meeting on 27 February 2014, moderated by Francois Daue, also in presence of the Belgian partners of the PESSIS 2 project. The meeting was attended by organisations such as Unicancer, Fnaap-CSF, Fehap and Unifed, who did a SWOT analysis on the social dialogue structures for the social and health services sector in France, as well discussed their possible interest in social dialogue at European level. The meeting led to very interesting discussions about the current situation in France and the pressures the sector is facing.

The roundtable meeting, organised on 1 April, also took place and brought together several organisations, with the additional participation of the UNA, as well as an employee trade union representative in the sector. A representative of EASPD did a presentation on European Social Dialogue as well as the four options discussed at European level on how our sector could get involved as social partners at European level. This will followed by a discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of each option for the French partners.

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ACTION 3: Organising a European discussion on the way towards European Sectoral Social Dialogue in the social services sector
On 31 March, EASPD organised a two meetings to discuss the potential interest and implications of the social services sector joining both the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (SSDC) for Local and Regional Governments and the SSDC for the Hospital Sector. The first meeting brought together a representative from the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) and representatives from the European Public Services Union (EPSU), respectively the Employers and the Trade Unions for the Local and Regional Governments Committee. A second meeting was also organised, bringing together representatives from HOSPEEM and EPSU.
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