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30th/31st August - 1st September 2019
You lucky, lucky people - you're the first people to feast your eyes on the amazing animated logo above (hang on go back, click on download images/ show blocked content - there you go).  An indication of the special love we will be giving those of you who are kind enough to subscribe to our newsletter!  We're here with some Bank Holiday updates for you all!   Live action snaps of Laffitts Hall, Primadonna's home in all its spring glory, a glance at some of our artists & activities, and more festivities revealed below before anyone else knows...
Weather update - we've been out with our iphone just now and some much needed rain is on its way - but what does every drop of rainfall bring?  A rainbow!!    
....and no you can't put the tree stump onto the campfire.  Anyway what have we got for you?   Ah yes....something for everyone, a small sample of which is below.

For aspiring writers - Sophie Hannah's Bespoke Masterclass:

You already know that Sophie Hannah is a highly regarded crime writer entrusted with the Poirot legacy as well as being the founder of the Dream Author Coaching programme for writers, and we're delighted that she will be bringing her masterclass to Primadonna - How to Think and What to Do to Make your Writing Dreams Come True.   Please note there will be an additional charge for this masterclass of .. absolutely nothing!    Like all our panels events and workshops there is no additional fee but we will be taking pre-registrations for this masterclass in a few weeks time.

For the historians out there - Professor Kate Williams on Mary Queen of Scots
The most fascinating of Queens - if you've seen the film you'll have had the Hollywood version but the reality is more extraordinary crossing countries and the most ruthless families of Europe.  To hear her story delivered by one of TV's favourite historians will be a real treat.
Who said Arts & Crafts is just for Kids?

Illustrator Debbie Allwright will be joining us for some fantastical arts and crafts. Her beautiful illustrations for Peter Harris' The Night Pirates will inspire a new world for us to build and explore at Primadonna as she leads a craft workshop for kids of all ages.  Together we'll  head to a mythical newly discovered Island - Phoenix Island - where we'll decide which animals might be living there and then create them!

If it's the best, most interesting new music out there you're after?

Meet Sink Ya Teeth your new favourite band (if they're not already - where have you been?!). But why take our word for it? Their eponymous album released last year won 4/5 star reviews from both Q Magazine and the Guardian.  They are "thrillingly chilly, perfectly funky" and their music "is as infectious as it is emotionally engaging."  Check them out here, and (hooray!) at Primadonna!
One of the things we really wanted to do at Primadonna is give due time to important subjects.   We've got some amazing panels to tell you about but there are some subjects that need more attention than a 50 minute panel, and which we wanted to ensure are fully discussed with input from audience and panellists alike.  We're calling them roundtables and one of them will be devoted to the challenging issue of motherhood.   Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don't discusses issues on motherhood/non-motherhood in a world which has plenty of opinions on this subject.
All you wanna do is have some fun? 

Well, have you ever been to one of those restaurants where they give you a free cocktail and come and sing "Happy Birthday to You" if it's your birthday, and you've said it's your birthday when it actually isn't just to get the free cocktail and song?  No? Oh just us then... Anyhow ..we happen to know that some of you are celebrating your birthday with us, and even if you're not we think you deserve a birthday party. So we're delighted to invite you to the official Primadonna Birthday Party.  There will be cake.  There will be pass the parcel.  There will be games.  There will not be free cocktails.   
We've got so much more to tell you but it'll just have to wait cos it's the BANK HOLIDAY & we've got places to be!  In the meantime we couldn't leave you without another look at this fab gif - now how are we going to recreate that on a T-shirt?   
30th/31st August - 1st September 2019
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