Hello Primadonnas! It might just be another manic Monday but we've got summer on the brain......

Here's the latest from Primadonna towers!

At Primadonna, we're showcasing the very best authors, makers, musicians and thinkers in the very first ever Festival of its kind in the UK to center women and non-binary perspectives. 

But it's Monday morning so let's start the week with a give-away competition.   Here are some pics of the lovely Laffitts Hall garden, home of Primadonna, where the bumble bees are going about their own week (well it's all one continuous week - no day of rest for them). The first person to email us who correctly identifies the total number of bumblebees in the group of pictures below will win a Primadonna T-shirt!   And if you think that's a hard way to win a T-shirt you can always buy one here.
We've finally updated the website and it's now loaded with information about the programme!  Check out what we've got lined up whether you're a writer, one of life's curious people, or looking for a fun filled weekend.  We know you're most likely all of the above. There's plenty more to come btw, and you clever people who have signed up for the newsletter will get your own exclusive info. .
Here's something not on the website:  we can tell you that Bee Rowlatt will be joining our panel on biographies.  Bee has written one of the most intriguing biographies of recent times, on  Britain's "First Celebrity Feminist" Mary Wollstonecraft, In Search of Mary: the Mother of all Journeys. Bee will be perfectly placed to explain the role of the storyteller in the story.  Your homework will be to watch the film Can You Ever Forgive Me where Melissa McCarthy's writer character has a discussion with her agent (Jane Curtin) about the role of the biographer in the biography..
There's still time to submit your entry for the Primadonna Prize.  We all have a book inside us, so they say, and the first step to topping the best-sellers list is to write a mere 500 words and enter the Primadonna Prize, obviously. The first round of entries will call for each entrant to submit 500 words of new writing, (fiction or non-fiction) on the theme of ‘Primadonna’. Those shortlisted from round one will be invited to submit entries of 3000 – 5000 words. This must be previously unpublished. All second-round entries must be accompanied by a summary of the written entry. For fiction submissions, we will need an accompanying  ‘back-of-book’ blurb of 250 words max, and for non-fiction an overview of the finished project, also 250 words max. A small entry fee of £8 is payable on submission. This cost is however, redeemable against the full cost of a weekend festival ticket. If this entry fee cannot be met, free entries are available.  Judges for the Prize are jaw-dropping.  Joanne Harris, Lemn Sissay and Neil Hegarty, alongside some of the Primadonnas, and you are literally the first people to know this.  That's what we call a newsletter exclusive!
Full details for the Ts & Cs and amazing prizes are on the website here , but they're basically write, enter, win. Easy!
In our next newsletter exclusive let us introduce you to Cara Tivey.  You actually already know her because she's worked with an incredibly diverse group of musicians from The Au Pairs to Blur, the Fine Young Cannibals, Billly Bragg and  Everything But the Girl. Cara will be performing some of her spirtual jazz at Primadonna - perfect for a summer's day. Check out her music here.
So when we said "make your own Full English breakfast" we didn't quite mean this.  Hopefully our group of volunteers will be a bit less literal after some intensive boot camp training.  Anyway....those of you camping are going to be having your own fry-ups in the morning.  There's nothing like the smell of a freshly brewed coffee to rouse the campsite.  If you're not camping or really can't be bothered, then try the amazing Sunday brunch barbecue - a tradition at Pettafiesta-produced festivals.  Steak and blue cheese sandwich?  Mushroom and Haloumi burgers?  None of your burnt offerings here!
P.S  Watch out at Primadonna for the mysterious Banana Lady.   Bonkers and very very funny.  Who knows when or where she'll pop up?
Of course you could come just to lie on the grass and watch the Suffolk skies for the weekend, aided by some relaxation therapies.  These are the only parts of the festival which require additional payments but you can pre-pay and book now, so that that when the time comes it will feel like it's free (that's how we're justifying our booking anyway). Bookings can be made here.


So get on board  - 30th August to 1st September 2019  - whether its a debate or a Friday night treasure hunt you're after, we've got what you're looking for!
Take a look at our fantastic weekend tickets!
30th/31st August - 1st September 2019
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