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- matt fraction -

See these? They're

both SEX CRIMINALS #11 and it starts a new storyline. It was already banned by Apple for sale on iOS devices! Yay.

One of them has a cover by Chip and like a 1 in 35 chance that Chip or I drew something horrible on it. That's why it's in a bag. It's a surprise. It's a long story. 

The other one has a filthy cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Some dickbag has already put it online but i were hoping it would be a surprise. Well, surprise, some dickbag put it online already. It's the same comic on the inside. We priced it at $4.69. So you'd know it wasn't the other one. Which is still $3.50.

Hey by the way you don't know anybody that needs like 180,000 bright pink polybags do you?

Also this:

which is like 40 pages? it's long. There's a big wrap up to the me-and-fábio bit with a couple old faces showing up to amuse and entertain and then michael and bá do great METANAUTS chapter and bim-bam-boom onto issue 4 which is all-bá. But more on that in like a month.

and then there's this

which wraps up the Clint-bits from the last half of HAWKEYE.

So look it's a big day, me-wise, for new shit, so please give me your money. All of your money. All of it.

Wait, no ... save, like, $3.50 ODY-C 6, out August 12th.
Sneak peeks from Christian Ward:

- kelly sue deconnick -

My children can play Minecraft and violin and name all the strings and every dinosaur in Jurassic Whatever, but they do not know how to operate beds. BEDS. With Matt out of town with his dad still, one of the "fun" things the kids and I do for a "treat" is have a slumber party in my bed... every night.  "Who is the genius who came up with this idea?" you ask. I am that genius! Because I am five feet tall, my and children are 5 and 7 and we have a KING SIZE BED. There should be plenty of room. WRONG. CHILDREN ALTER PHYSICS, YOU GUYS. And despite their being supposedly very bright, the most basic guidelines for bed use escape them. Like, where do you put your head on a bed? Not a trick question! On the pillow at the top, right? WRONG. Correct answer: 3 to 4 inches inside Mommy's ribs. Then you spend the next 6 to 8 hours chasing her around the bed like she is Hemingway and you are a bull. Or two bulls. Two tiny, rotten bulls. What I am saying is that I love my children but when it comes to the proper use of a bed, they are dumb. Super, super dumb. 

I might need more coffee. 


OKAY HAI I'M BACK. I have caffeined and eaten and the world is a glorious place once again. 

What do I have to report? 

Merlin Mann was here at Milkfed HQ for two days, troubleshooting software choices and making googly eyes at the dog mostly, but also talking a little bit of productivity philosophy.  Merlin is a delightful dude. If you don't know his stuff, this is a good place to start. (Of the cool things he recommended while here, the one I'm most excited to try is probably Rescue Time.) 

- Reading Right Now - 

Only Ever Yours
Being Wrong
The Work

- The Books -

PRETTY DEADLY with Emma Ríos, Jordie Bellaire, Clayton Cowles and Sigrid Ellis.

PD is coming along swimmingly. (If you can say something as trite as "swimmingly" about a book that is so beautiful.)  That's the page 4-5 spread from Issue 7 up there. I literally got an email from Emma after she got the script that said, "YOU KILLED ME AND I'LL KILL YOU."

Aaaand she did.  

The book will start coming out again in November, just so we're good and ahead. We should have pre-order forms for the next issue/arc in the next newsletter.  

CAPTAIN MARVEL and the CAROL CORPS with Kelly Thompson, David Lopez and Laura Braga, Lee Loughridge, Joe Caramagna, Sana Amanat and Charles Beacham.

Super-delighted with how this is coming out.  Next issue appears to hit the stands August 26? I have a single lettering pass to do on finished art for CMCC004 and Carol and I are done for a while. 

Wait, that's not quite true -- David and I are talking about doing one last shirt at We Love Fine for Girls Leadership. Just to say goodbye.  Stay tuned for that too. 

BITCH PLANET with Valentine De Landro, Cris Peter, Clayton Cowles, Lauren McCubbin, Rian Hughes and Lauren Sankovitch. 

Deep breath. Okay, BP5 is cursed... or something. We have discussed saging the offices when we finally get this thing out the door. I don't have either the energy or the right to lay out all the various bumps in the road, but know that we're doing the best we can with the situation(s) and we're committed to getting this book back out on the regular. As soon as I have dependable street dates, I'll put them down below. Right now I just want to avoid any false promises. 

(That up there is the back page of BP5, art by Laurenn McCubbin, copy by me.)

- The Rest - 

My first TV script is in and revised and I couldn't have been happier with that project. Not sure when I am allowed to say what show it was for. I'll look into that.

...I'll leave it at this, I think. I've run long already and I need coffee again.  
- the cox box -




(I'll be putting bits in the newsletter once a month-ish now. If you have  topics you'd like to see covered/burning questions about Milkfed Life, send 'em in!)


It’ll be a year ago this August since my move to Portland. A year ago, I was in North Carolina, packing the last of my stuff into two suitcases and a few FedEx boxes. Yesterday I was getting excited with Kelly Sue about dragging her along on house shopping excursions with me.


It’s been a big year, is what I’m saying. I keep catching myself reflecting — on PDX, what I love about it here, mostly. Here are a few that came to mind this morning:


Portland is very, uh, it’s very Portland. There are houses upon houses with rosemary and lavender and maybe an old upholstered chair in the front yard. The house I live in has chickens.


Also: ok, not everyone’s a hipster, but the degree and intensity of that general #aesthetic overall is… it’s high. And full disclosure: that’s not a criticism. I love that shit — chunky glasses, early 1900s facial hair, t-shirts with zoo animals in sweatbands and sunglasses. I don’t mean “I love it in an ironic way,” I mean “I feel about window displays with burlap minimalism and taxidermy-for-comedic-value the way a golden retriever feels about her person coming home.” Big cartoon hearts in my eyes.

You know how they say “don’t meet your heroes”? (Do they? I feel like they do? Someone does.) Heavy disagree. Meet your heroes. Sometimes your heroes are open and welcoming and make absolute certain you feel at home on the other side of the country. Sometimes they invite you to stay over on Christmas Eve and give you matching family pajamas. Sometimes they do the impression of Johnny Cash as Batman you never knew you needed until you laugh so hard your entire torso hurts. (Sometimes they make you watch extended footage from Xanadu, so, you know, maybe still watch out.) Anyway. I love everyone a lot and this paragraph is about to get more maudlin than I’d like on my first round in one of these newsletters so time to wrap it up.



Before I go, let me tell you about a thing: the secret doughnut bucket at Voodoo. It’s $10 and it is exactly what you were hoping. It is JUST A BIG BUCKET FULL OF DOUGHNUTS that are not quite perfect enough to sell but still exceptional. If we’re all being honest here it’s really too many doughnuts but that’s part of the fun. 


If you don’t believe me, here’s how many doughnuts we got out of it last time and oh god I’m trying not to drool on the keyboard, HA HA suffer with me, you’re welcome:

Retailers!  Please to be enjoying these goodies: Let us know if there's anything else you'd find helpful.  Preorder forms for PRETTY DEADLY are up next. 
#Solomom Hot Dog Nacho Recipe

1 bag of tortilla chips, leftover from birthday party
2 organic beef hot dogs, also left over from birthday party
Bag of shredded cheese from Costco, like 2 handfulls

1. Do not make these. 
2. Seriously, don't. 
3. No one will eat them. 
4. Your children will ask you if they can have "food" instead.
5. Kids who are served hot dog nachos do not grow up to be President.*
6. You will have to throw them away. 
7. Shame on you. 
* I forgot about Bill Clinton.
  • July 29 - Hawkeye volume 4 on sale
  • July 29 - Casanova: Acedia #3 on sale
  • July 29 - Sex Criminals #11 (regular cover, or cover upon which matt or chip has doodled* -- GUESS YOU'LL HAVE TO BUY ONE OR SEVERAL OF THOSE SEALED PINK BAGS AND FIND OUT -- at regular price, and the VERY FIRST Sex Crimbo XXX variant by Bryan Lee O'Malley, which is $4.69) on sale
  • Aug 12 - ODY-C #6 on sale
  • Aug 26 - Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #3 on sale
  • Sept 4-7 - DragonCon
  • Sept 9 - Henry Leo's birthday
  • Sept 19-20 - Rose City Comic Con
  • Sept 23 - Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4 on sale
  • Oct 29-Nov 1 - Lucca Comics and Games Festival
  • Nov 11 - Lauren Sankovitch's birthday
  • Dec 1 - Matt's Birthday
  • Dec 20 - Kit's Birthday
  • Nov 18 - Pretty Deadly #6 on sale
  • Dec 23 - Pretty Deadly #7 on sale
  • Jan 27 - Pretty Deadly #8 on sale
  • Feb 21-28 - JoCo Cruise
  • Feb 24 - Pretty Deadly #9 on sale

* "doodled."
Milkfed Logo by Rian Hughes. 
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