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- g'night clint -
They asked me to write something for the last issue I wrote of HAWKEYE and I declined (Politely, I hope). I'm not a big fan of valedictories I guess. Sana’s written a lovely note on the last page of the issue that covers anything I’d have said well, anyway, but I just bought my dad the last issue (it's okay, i know a guy who knows a guy) and I'm feeling sentimental and want to level out by feeling some deep gratitude:

David, my Bewlay Brother in arms. For always trumping my crazy with your crazy. For never letting “good” be ‘good enough.’ I don’t know what language we speak but I know we are the only ones who speak it. Thank you.

Annie. Captain Fabulous. We needed a ray of sunshine and you brought it bigger and brighter and better and better. We handed you a thankless task and you busted the goddamn mold. It was over too soon. I’d write for you forever. The best faces. The best. THE BEST. Thank you.

Javi. For your perfectionism, clarity of vision, and fearless confidence in your voice. You were unafraid to add on top of our harmony and push and pull in new, amazing, delightful directions. You also drew Chibi Kates all over the dang place. Thank you.

Francesco. I handed you two of the darkest things I’d ever written, time-fractured and decentralized of place. I gave you new characters on every page and new locations, I gave you abuse and terror and violence to draw — and you did more than just draw it. For a minute there it was all yours.  Thank you.

Steve and Jesse. For the best Thanksgiving gift ever. Thank you.

Matt. Once again the binding polymer tying an entire world together. For not even blinking when I sent you pictures titled “this is how a dog sees.” For making me look at every single issue once it came out — a thing I hate more than anything! —  because my screen is never calibrated as well as yours and you can’t really see your work until you *see your work.* Thank you.

Leah and Rachel.

Jeff and Ramón -- for keeping the kids in your marvelous hands. I'm sorry we've screwed with your time on stage. I cannot tell you how eager I am to be just a HAWKEYE fan again, and how excited your book makes me. Thank you.

Gerry, Matteo, and Jacopo -- you did us better than we did us. AND you did it in spite of Gerry's chemical castration and endless legal problems. Amazing. Hilarious. Thank you.

Sana, Devin, Steve, everyone in-between. What thankless tasks YOU all had. And how graceful and good you all were in executing. Thank you.

Axel, Joe, and Dan, for letting us do it. That's rarified air and don't think we don't realize that. You had every right to break up the band and you didn't. Thank you.

Everyone at WeLoveFine. I have never been so happy to give away so much money. SO much money. Jesus FUCK. Thank you for helping us help Futures Without Violence. Thank you for listening to what our folks wanted. 

And to all of you lovely purple weirdos that read it, obsessed over it, dressed up, hung out, made stuff, made noise, got ink, got brave, evangelized and prosthelytized, to all of you you that literally did it all and bought the t-shirts — THANK YOU. I owe you one.

Speaking of —

A fabulous Kate cosplayer was present at San Diego to present Kelly Sue with the Spike TV “Gamechanger of the Year” award. Who are you? WHERE are you? You were amazing, and looked amazing, and I’d like to sign silly things and send them to you. REACH OUT TO US PLEASE. HELP US FIND YOU.

Also, Spike talked to some readers, too, who all said lovely and wonderful and genuinely touching stuff about Kel and I. Are you on this list? Reach out — again, we’d like to say thanks. And send you shit.

Okay. Well — well that’s that. I hope you dig it. If not? Jeff and Ramón have your back, trust me.

- kelly sue deconnick -

Out today:

My essay for Maggie Estep, entitled Railbirds. It's part of the Island anthology, helmed by Emma Ríos and Brandon Graham and available from Image Comics or your local comics shop. 

Back when I had no skin, Maggie helped me to stay clean by taking me to the track, walking me to meetings and asking me call her every day. But with each coin I collected, I moved further and further away, landing finally on the West Coast, where my writing career unexpectedly took off and time and motherhood conspired to make our correspondence infrequent. 


Time move faster every year. It makes sense, when you think about it. With each passing year, the distance between birthdays shrinks to a smaller percentage of one’s life. When I was seven, one summer seemed so long — reasonably, as it was about four percent of my entire existence. At my age now, one summer is only half a percent.  It’s hard to look up when there’s so much to be done and time is moving so very fast. 


One morning last February, a friend called to tell me how sorry she was to hear the news...  

Also: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #2 of 4.

So much more to report from San Diego than I actually have time to get into. Some of the many highlights included: There was more awesome, I'm sure, but that'll do. 

Next go 'round Kit's gonna start a newsletter column of her very own. What would you like her to write about? Hit reply and pelt her with suggestions. 


Oh! Check out what Christian Ward made me for my birthday... 

Henry Leo gave me a card that says, "Only 5 years until you're 50!" and Tallulah painted me a dog: "It looks like a zombie dog because I know you like dead bunnies." 

My life is good. 
  • July 15 (Today! Today!!) - Kelly Sue's birthday
  • July 15 - Island #1 on sale
  • July 15 - Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #2 on sale
  • July 15 - Hawkeye #22 on sale
  • July 22 - Sex Criminals #11 on sale
  • Aug 26 - Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps #3 on sale
  • Sept 4-7 - DragonCon
  • Sept 9 - Henry Leo's birthday
  • Sept 19-20 - Rose City Comic Con
  • Sept 23 - Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4 on sale
  • Oct 29-Nov 1 - Lucca Comics and Games Festival
  • Nov 11 - Lauren Sankovitch's birthday
  • Dec 1 - Matt's Birthday
  • Dec 20 - Kit's Birthday
  • Nov 18 - Pretty Deadly #6 on sale
  • Dec 23 - Pretty Deadly #7 on sale
  • Jan 27 - Pretty Deadly #8 on sale
  • Feb 21-28 - JoCo Cruise
  • Feb 24 - Pretty Deadly #9 on sale
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