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Here comes a stingray
There goes a manta ray
In walked a jellyfish
There goes a dogfish
Chased by a <<First Name>>

- kelly sue demonic -

Heyo. Christmas tree is up! 

Aaaaand Fraction and I are hunkered down at our desks trying to get comics out the door and finish up a pilot script [first thing we've ever co-written -- very exciting!] so not much from us this week, but we wanted to get this out the door because NEXT WEEK is the last week for our interns Sophie and Turner and they have been so kind as to agree to take questions from y'all before they go. (Or... Turner has. We didn't give Sophie a choice. HA HA.)  See below. 

When we re-emerge, I'll tell you about our visit to the University of Oregon, just a day in advance of the Tiptree Symposium, and some of the treasures we got to see there. (Fraction and I are both now jonesing to read this biography.) 

In the meantime, all the love -- 


Kelly Sue 

- the cox box -

The zoo here in Portland decks itself out in ninety trillion lights for the holidays and you guys, it is SO GREAT.

The DeFractions made their annual pilgrimage a group event this year and brought me, Snake, Inturner and a couple of friends along. We got Too Cold. We drank hot cocoa. HL and TL were SO HYPE ABOUT IT, which was of course some industrial-grade cute. We saw lights turned into tigers and hippopotami and frilled lizards. There was a possum, you guys, an actual virginia trashcat made of lights.

Aaaand nothing else of note has happened in or to PDX over the last, say, 24 hours or anything. No big deal.

(For you non-link-clickers, because I cannot stand the possibility that some of you might not see this gloat: THE TIMBERS WON THE MLS CUP, CONFETTI EMOJI, SOCCER BALL EMOJI.)

Oh! We've had our own rivalry going on between the two Milkfed offices for a while. It started when Kelly Sue suggested she and I were the Fun Office and Matt and Snake were the Cool Office. This was not enough for Matt, who it turns out is insatiable when it comes to positive office descriptors and wanted ALL OF THEM FOR HIMSELF. Do you know what he did, Milkfed newsletter friends?? He STOLE the flags that said "FUN" off of our door, definitely in the hopes that THAT would make theirs the Cool Fun Office.

For a while our door just said "OFFICE." Which was also kind of great. But then Kel found this poster and we BOUGHT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

The Less Cool And More Boring Office, STEERING RIGHT INTO THAT CURVE.

Hey all,


Turner here. Or intern Turner. Or Inturner. All are good. I’m writing from inside #teammilkfed’s secret headquarters. That’s crazy to say. Three months ago I was putzing around PSU reading Roland Barthes and Asterios Polyp (not together, but now that I think about it I TOTALLY should) and beginning preparation for PhD applications. Now I’m here. This is wild. Matt Fraction is right there. Pablo is on my keyboard. I’m not freaking out. YOU’RE FREAKING OUT, MAN.


Temporarily joining the team has been…an experience? I don’t know how to put it. This has to be how the people of Oz felt peeking behind the curtains (only the Milkfed peeps aren’t suspicious wizards, I think. Can’t confirm). Getting a first-hand look behind the scenes and learning the ropes with creators I’ve admired for years has been a life changing experience. Again, not freaking out. 


Not only have they been kind enough to invite me into their lives three days a week, patient enough to answer my silly questions, and generous enough to include me in the creative process, but they’ve also been trusting enough to grant me autonomy and respect from the get-go. That floored me. I don’t feel like I’ve been tasked with stereotypical “intern work” either. Everything I do feels like it’s for something meaningful or worthwhile. 


I don’t know if this is of any interest to any of you (if you’re even still reading this), but this has been such an honor and I’m probably going to be a sobbing mess when I have to leave. If you have questions about the intern experience or want to know what a day at Milkfed is like, I’d be happy to answer any Qs you have. 


Hit me up on Twitter at @milkfed_intern or @turnerlobey.

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