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My name is <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>
And there's a million things I haven't done
But just you wait, just you wait... 

- kelly sue demonic -

This is all I've got today. 

- matt fraction -

Kevin Mellon is a wonderful dude, a great artist, and last sunday, A TREE FELL ON HIS FUCKING HOUSE AND ON TOP OF HIM while he was asleep.  “He’s out of the hospital and resting now. No major damage – somehow, he’s walking away with just a lot of bruises. He’s the luckiest unlucky guy ever,” a mutual friend told me.


His roommate Brooke is putting together a ‘zine letting the great KM know that while trees might have it out for him we here on Earth love and adore him and are glad he lives to fight another day.

Brooke says:

Submissions for KevinZine (working title, PLEASE suggest a better one) can be extremely quick and dirty, and the general theme is “Things that delight Kevin and let him know he’s loved.” Individual page dimensions will be 8.5 x 5.5 in, we’ll be printing in b&w, and submissions will be pretty varied. (Poems, four-panel comic strips, etc.) We’re trying to get things wrapped up by Sunday so we can get this to Kevin quicklike, but can be flexible. We’ll obviously credit all contributors, and if enough people want a copy, I can make that happen too.

PDFs or JPGS should be fine. 300 DPI is ideal but we’ll be printing this in true DIY style, so lower resolution isn’t a dealbreaker.

So Sunday is in like 72 hours and I got this email in the middle of a deadline crash so it’s not been until now I’ve gotten my shit together to post this. I dunno if Sunday’s still the target or not but figure ASAP if you want to join team FUCK THAT TREE, KEVIN and pitch in!

Brooke is brookhatfieldATgmailDOTcom 

spread the word! fuck trees! kevin forever!


brooke you should call it ‘kevin forever’

- the cox box -

"Hey Kit, where are all the places I might find #teammilkfed, individually and collectively, scattered as you are across the internet winds??" I'M GLAD YOU ASKED, ME.

MATT FRACTION has a website which is also a tumblr. He no longer has a Twitter but my god I just got stuck in his old account reading year-old tweets and silently shakelaughing, RIP Matt's twitter, too good for this world.

KELLY SUE DECONNICK blogs, tweets, uh... pins? Her instagram is here; facebook page is here.

Milkfed managing editor and creative-wrangler LAUREN SANKOVITCH, otherwise known as Snake*, is around on twitter, instagram and sometimes tumblr.

KIT COX, AKA "Lieutenant Trouble," AKA "me." You can find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and this Instagram that if we're being honest really belongs to my cat and the Portland Timbers.

The MILKFED INTERNS -- SOPHIE and TURNER, right now, until the vengeful Milkfed gods consume them (or they "graduate" and "move on with their lives"), new interns are brought in to feed the ever-hungry gaping Milkfed maw and the circle of life continues -- run an ongoing Twitter. You should definitely, definitely bug them there.

MILKFED AS AN INSTITUTION can be found on Instagram and Facebook. We'll have the Milkfed website proper up and running soon! 

If you're jonesing to BUY MILKFED STUFF, licensed merch as of now: these Pretty Deadly T-shirts, Non-Compliant leggings (which I am wearing at time of typing!!), Sex Criminals and Bitch Planet nail wraps. Kelly Sue and Matt's curated collections at We Love Fine aren't EXACTLY "Milkfed stuff" but they ARE a pretty great way to donate money to Girls Leadership or Futures Without Violence and buy a rad T-shirt at the same time (women's sizes: size up like 2 sizes from your usual, trust me, you're welcome).

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*If you're autocorrect and someone tries to type in "Sanko."


#Retailer Asset Box

This week's tasty treat: Pretty Deadly #6!
  • Sex Criminals v2: "Two Worlds, One Cop" is nominated for Goodreads' Best Graphic Novels & Comics of 2015! Cast your vote here!
  • Bitch Planet was one of Amazon's editors' picks for best books for 2015 (comics & graphic novels)!
  • Sooooo This Family Built A 23-Foot Death Star on Their Roof.
  • Relevant: Bitch Magazine's doing a Nerds Issue
  • Inturner just sent us this important video of an important dog. 
  • Tee, who runs #blackcomicsmonth needs some help, if you've got it to spare. 

(We're light on release dates not because we've given up making all comics but Pretty Deadly, but rather because our calendar is wonky and we're in a rush to get this out before we head out for #BatBendis hijinks.) 
  • Nov 18 - Pretty Deadly #6 on sale
  • Dec 1 - Matt's Birthday
  • Dec 20 - Kit's Birthday
  • Dec 23 - Pretty Deadly #7 on sale
  • Jan 27 - Pretty Deadly #8 on sale
  • Feb 21-28 - JoCo Cruise
  • Feb 24 - Pretty Deadly #9 on sale
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