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y'know who's great, <<First Name>>? Annie Wu. Annie Wu is great, <<First Name>>

- matt fraction -

- kelly sue deconnick -

Chip's in town. See above. The house is a bit of chaos at the moment, half Girl Scout Cookies, half cruise prep, half Chip. Yeah, I know that's three halves. It's madness.

(I was so stressed yesterday I worked upstairs at the table so I wouldn't ruin the mood in the office. YOU'RE WELCOME, OFFICE MATES.) 

CRAZY HAIR DAY** here at Milkfed HQ and two new issues out: Bitch Planet #7 and Sex Criminals #14. Both are available at your local comic book shop, or digitally at Comixology or (DRM-FREE!) at Image

For instagram folks who want to source where I get my planner stickers, I have a truly EMBARRASSING number of sources, but here are a few: EbeeGbee, AnxietyAids, Planner Press, Lavish, Organized Stickers, Little Surprise Shop, Oh Hello. No, you do not need stickers to keep a planner, but they make the planner more fun for me, which makes me more willing to engage.  "Make it fun" is its own kind of hack. Oh, speaking of this particular area of nerddom, Ryder Carroll (who is JONATHAN CARROLL'S SON IT TURNS OUT OH MY GOD THIS DELIGHTS ME) says the Bullet Journal branded journals are back in stock. I just use a regular leuchttrum1917 myself, but I might order a branded journal for when this one is full. Just to say thank you, if nothing else. 

Still have not gone into production on Bitch Planet washi tape.  I have failed you and I am truly sorry. On the upside, contract just signed for some BP clothing. Can't say more right now, but this: through 6XL. And cool as shit. 

Fraction and I have started taking meditation breaks for twenty minutes a day twice a day and it seems to be helping with general chill quite a bit. We refer to them as "levitation breaks," which freaks out our children. See #makeitfun hack above. 

Been thinking about Beyoncé a lot. In several respects, but most pointedly in terms of how little she talks about her work. I get sick of the sound of my own voice. Not sure what to do with that thought, but thinking about Beyoncé can't be a bad thing

And with that... WORK Updates!

BITCH PLANET.  Feeling good about this book again, the fear paralysis that came with the unexpected spotlight subsiding. I can't remember if I told you all this, but I called Brian K. Vaughn to grill him about long-form plotting and got a generous and unexpected pep talk, as well as a few more specific tips. Kind and generous dude, that one. Issue out today has what might be my favorite back cover yet. 

Oh, and Val just sent this and it's so cool I want to cry. Giving you a sneak peek when I probably should not: 


PRETTY DEADLY. The second arc is coming to a close and I could not be more enamored of this book or this team (all hail Jordie Bellaire!). Up to my plentiful butt in research on silent-era Hollywood for the next arc. Dun dun dunnnnnnn.


TV STUFF. I can't actually tell you anything about the TV stuff.  I am a terrible tease.  It's moving in some exciting directions, however. The project I'm currently working on hits all my buttons. I mean that in the best way -- it has at its core everything I care about most. 

** I am sporting Rey Nubs. Kit's got some kind of 80s waterfall thing happening. 

- #TeamMilkfed Gives Back -

Donning our walking shoes once again, #TeamMilkfed will be raising monies for the National Brain Tumor Society's 2016 Portland Brain Tumor Walk on August 7th.

Six years ago, editor Lauren lost her father Michael to a brain August, we will honor "Big Mike" by marching in his name and raising money to support brain tumor research.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so right HERE on our page! If you are unable to donate at this time, but would like to spread the word, feel free to do so on social media, etc. And if you really feel like getting into the thick of it...come join our team! You can sign up right on the team page!*

Thank you in advance for your donations, your thoughts and your positive energy...! Let's make a difference, one step at a time.


*You don't have to work with us or for us to join our team -- just sign up, meet us at the starting line, and we'll all walk this together. 


- retailer roundup -

Get 'em while they're HAWT!

BITCH PLANET #7 - On Sale 2/17/16
SEX CRIMINALS #14 - On Sale 2/17/16

Coming soon.....ODY-C #10...!!

"we don’t even need you anymore, Karl
we have snakes now

get out of here
yeah, get out of here
you Karl"

(Women With Snake Boyfriends In Western Art History.)

"After 41 days, the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge concluded when the last four militants surrendered to the FBI." Reactions to the standoff's end here. [Anybody else struck by how much the Sheriff up there looks like Jonathan Hickman?]
What women with acting careers deal with is Some Real Bullshit. (It's long, but there's a TON packed into the first 4 minutes.) 

PDX locals in need of a pet named after a Portland Timbers player, BUDDIES I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR YOU.

The Flint Water Crisis, Explained (hint: it's got a lot to do with racism).

Some scientists are starting clinical trials for a mobile app for suicide prevention.

Catherine Nichols on a trick that makes stories addictive: character adaptability. She gets into both the reader psychology and how gender roles can prepare (or fail to prepare) a writer to harness this. Fascinating read.

Depriving prisoners of sleep makes them  a lot more likely to give false confessions.
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